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Juvenile Series and Sequels


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Subjects: Biographies

# Book Title Author
Who Was Julius Caesar? Medina, Nico
Who Was King Tut? Edwards, Roberta
Who Was Laura Ingalls Wilder? Demuth, Patricia
Who Was Leif Erikson? Medina, Nico
Who Was Leonardo da Vinci? Edwards, Roberta
Who Was Lewis Carroll? Pollack, Pam
Who Was Louis Armstrong? McDonough, Yona Zeldis
Who Was Louis Braille? Frith, Margaret
Who Was Lucille Ball? Pollack, Pam
Who Was Marco Polo? Holub, Joan
Who Was Marie Antoinette? Rau, Dana Meachen
Who Was Marie Curie? Stine, Megan
Who Was Mark Twain? Prince, April Jones
Who Was Martin Luther King, Jr.? Bader, Bonnie
Who Was Maurice Sendak? Pascal, Janet B.
Who Was Maya Angelou? Labrecque, Ellen
Who Was Michael Jackson? Stine, Megan
Who Was Milton Bradley? Anderson, Kirsten
Who Was Milton Hershey? Buckley Jr, James
Who Was Mister Rogers? Bailey, Diane
Who Was Mother Teresa? Gigliotti, Jim
Who Was Napolean? Gigliotti, Jim
Who Was Neil Armstrong? Edwards, Roberta
Who Was Nelson Mandela? Pollack, Pam
Who Was Nikola Tesla? Gigliotti, Jim
Who Was Norman Rockwell? Fabiny, Sarah
Who Was P. T. Barnum? Anderson, Kirsten
Who Was Pablo Picasso? Kelley, True
Who Was Paul Revere? Edwards, Roberta
Who Was Pete Seeger? MacCarry, Noel
Who Was Princess Diana? Labrecque, Ellen
Who Was Queen Elizabeth? Eding, June
Who Was Queen Victoria? Gigliotti, Jim
Who Was Rachel Carson? Fabiny, Sarah
Who Was Richard Nixon? Stine, Megan
Who Was Roald Dahl? Kelley, True
Who Was Robert E. Lee? Bader, Bonnie
Who Was Robert Ripley? Anderson, Kirsten
Who Was Roberto Clemente? Buckley Jr, James
Who Was Ronald Reagan? Milton, Joyce
Who Was Rosa Parks? McDonough, Yona Zeldis
Who Was Sacagawea? Fradin, Dennis B.
Who Was Sally Ride? Stine, Megan
Who Was Sam Walton? Buckley Jr, James
Who Was Selena? Bisantz, Kate
Who Was Sitting Bull? Spinner, Stephanie
Who Was Sojourner Truth? McDonough, Yona Zeldis
Who Was Stephen Hawking? Gigliotti, Jim
Who Was Steve Irwin? Anastasio, Dina
Who Was Steve Jobs? Pollack, Pam
Who Was Susan B. Anthony? Pollack, Pam
Who Was Theodore Roosevelt? Burgan, Michael
Who Was Thomas Alva Edison? Frith, Margaret
Who Was Thomas Jefferson? Fradin, Dennis B.
Who Was Ulysses S. Grant? Stine, Megan
Who Was Walt Disney? Stewart, Whitney
Who Was Wayne Gretzky? Herman, Gail
Who Was William Shakespeare? Mannis, Celeste Davidson
Who Was Winston Churchill? Labrecque, Ellen
Who Was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart? McDonough, Yona Zeldis
Who Was Woodrow Wilson? Frith, Margaret
Who Were The Beatles? Edgers, Geoff
Who Were The Brothers Grimm? Reed, Avery
Who Were The Three Stooges? Pollack, Pam
Who Were the Tuskegee Airmen? Smith, Sherri L.
Who Were The Wright Brothers? Buckley Jr, James