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Juvenile Series and Sequels


Juvenile Series and Sequels service is being discontinued

Mid-Continent Public Library will no longer provide this service after October 2, 2023. For other potential resources, please read this blog post or consider If you are from another library and wish to explore providing this service, please contact Library Systems Manager Nathan Wittmaier at

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Subjects: Plot-Your-Own Stories, History

# Book Title Author
Attack on Pearl Harbor, The Lassieur, Allison
Battle of Bull Run, The Lassieur, Allison
Battle of Bunker Hill, The Burgan, Michael
Battle of the Alamo, The Leavitt, Amie Jane
Boston Massacre, The Raum, Elizabeth
California Gold Rush, The Raum, Elizabeth
Child Labor Reform Movement, The Otfinoski, Steven
Chinese Immigrants in America Hunsicker, Kelley
Civil Rights Movement, The Adamson, Heather
Civil War, The Doeden, Matt
Dust Bowl, The Lassieur, Allison
Ellis Island Burgan, Michael
Exploring the New World Herr, Melody
German Immigrants in America Raum, Elizabeth
Golden Age of Pirates, The Temple, Bob
Golden Age of Pirates, The Temple, Bob
Harlem Renaissance, The Lassieur, Allison
Irish Immigrants in America Raum, Elizabeth
Japanese American Internment, The Hanel, Rachael
Mexican Immigrants in America Hanel, Rachael
Oregon Trail, The Doeden, Matt
Orphan Trains Raum, Elizabeth
Race to the Moon, The Lassieur, Allison
Revolutionary War, The Raum, Elizabeth
Salem Witch Trials, The Doeden, Matt
Sinking of the Lusitania, The Otfinoski, Steven
Story of Juneteenth, The Otfinoski, Steven
Titanic, The Temple, Bob
Underground Railroad, The Lassieur, Allison
Voting Rights Act of 1965, The Burgan, Michael
Westward Expansion Lassieur, Allison
Wild West, The Lassieur, Allison
World War I Swain, Gwenyth
World War II Raum, Elizabeth
World War II on the Home Front Gitlin, Marty