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Juvenile Series and Sequels


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Subjects: LEGO Toys, Ninja

# Book Title Author
Attack of the Nindroids Howard, Kate
Breakout West, Tracey
Chronicles of Ninjago West, Tracey
Cole: Ninja of Earth Farshtey, Greg
Golden Weapons, The West, Tracey
Green Ninja, The West, Tracey
Jay: Ninja of Lightning Farshtey, Greg
Kai: Ninja of Fire Farshtey, Greg
Legend of the Brown Ninja Rusu, Meredith
Lego Ninjago Masters of Spinjitzu Official Guide Farshtey, Greg
Lord Garmadon's Guide to World Domination Rusu, Meredith
Masters of Spinjitzu West, Tracey
New Ninja, The Rusu, Meredith
Ninja vs. Ninja Howard, Kate
Ninja's Path, A West, Tracey
Pirates vs. Ninja West, Tracey
Pythor's Revenge Rusu, Meredith
Quest for the Crystal, The Howard, Kate
Rescue Mission, The Howard, Kate
Rise of the Snakes West, Tracey
School for Crooks Rusu, Meredith
Search for Zane, The Howard, Kate
Snake Attack! West, Tracey
Spy vs. Spy Howard, Kate
Team Divided, A West, Tracey
Techno Strike! Howard, Kate
Titanium Ninja, The Howard, Kate
Way of the Ninja West, Tracey
Zane: Ninja of Ice Farshtey, Greg