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Juvenile Series and Sequels


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Subjects: Television Program and Movie Novels, Christian Fiction

# Book Title Author
Archibald's Opposites Vischer, Phil
Ballad of Little Joe, The Poth, Karen
Ben Hurry Peterson, Doug
Bob & Larry's Silly Slides Kenney, Cindy
Bob and Larry in the Case of the Missing Patience Poth, Karen
Bob and Larry's ABC's Vischer, Phil
Bob and Larry's Creation Vacation Poth, Karen
Case of the Lost Temper, The Peterson, Doug
Christmas is Finally Here! Fritz, Greg
Clumsiest Cowboy, The Peterson, Doug
Cool Hand Cuke Kenney, Cindy
Fair and Squaresville Nolan, Allia Zobel
Fairest Town in the West Poth, Karen
Field of Beans Peterson, Doug
Frog Wars Kenney, Cindy
God Made You Special! Fritz, Greg
Good Knight, Duke Kidd, Ronald
Good, the Bad, and the Silly Book, The Peterson, Doug
Helpers are Heroes! Peterson, Doug
How Many Veggies? Vischer, Phil
Junior Battles to Be His Best Poth, Karen
Junior's Colors Vischer, Phil
Knight to Remember, A Kenney, Cindy
LarryBoy and the Abominable Trashman! Peterson, Doug
LarryBoy and the Awful Ear Wacks Attacks Katula, Bob
LarryBoy and the Emperor of Envy Gaffney, Sean
LarryBoy and the Fib from Outer Space! Poth, Karen
LarryBoy and the Mudslingers Peterson, Doug
LarryBoy and the Sinister Snow Day Gaffney, Sean
LarryBoy in the Amazing Brain-Twister Peterson, Doug
LarryBoy in the Attack of Outback Jack Peterson, Doug
Larryboy in the Good, the Bad, and the Eggly Redeker, Kent
LarryBoy in Tip, Top Cape Shape! Poth, Karen
LarryBoy Meets the Bubblegum Bandit Poth, Karen
LarryBoy Versus the Volcano! Peterson, Doug
Lost in Place Kenney, Cindy
Madame Blue's Easter Hullabaloo Poth, Karen
Mess Detectives: Dial M for Mercy Peterson, Doug
Mess Detectives: The Big Sleepover Peterson, Doug
Mess Detectives: The Couch Potato Caper Peterson, Doug
Mess Detectives: The Don't-Touchables Peterson, Doug
Mess Detectives: The Slobfather Peterson, Doug
Mess Detectives: The Trouble with Larry Peterson, Doug
Pa Grapes Shapes Vischer, Phil
Peas and Thank You! Nawrocki, Michael
Pirates Who Don't Do Anything and Me!, The Poth, Karen
Princess Petunia's Sweet Apple Pie Poth, Karen
Saint Nicholas Poth, Karen
Sheerluck Holmes and the Hounds of Baker Street Peterson, Doug
Snooze Brothers, The Kenney, Cindy
Spoon in the Stone, The Kenney, Cindy
Stable that Bob Built, The Kenney, Cindy
Tale of Two Sumo's Poth, Karen
Time for Tom Vischer, Phil
West Slide Story Peterson, Doug
What's Up with Lyle? Poth, Karen
Where's God When I'm S-scared? Poth, Karen
Who Wants to Be a Pirate? Poth, Karen
Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Mop? Peterson, Doug
Who's Who?: a Lift-the-Flap Riddle Book Lee, Quinlan B.