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Juvenile Series and Sequels


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Subjects: Star Wars, Science Fiction, Television Program and Movie Novels

# Book Title Author
Ackbar's Underwater Army Beecroft, Simon
Adventures of C-3PO, The Last, Shari
Adventures of Hans Solo, The Kent, Lindsay
Ahsoka in Action! Richards, Jon
Always Bet on Chopper Rusu, Meredith
Anakin in Action! Beecroft, Simon
Anakin to the Rescue Venn, Cecilia
AT-AT Attack! Glass, Calliope
Beware the Dark Side Beecroft, Simon
Blast Off! Richards, Jon
Bobba Fett-- Jedi Hunter Hibbert, Clare
Chewbacca and the Wookiee Warriors Beecroft, Simon
Clone Troopers in Action Hibbert, Clare
Dangers of the Core Thomas, Jim K.
Darth Vader, Rebel Hunter!
Death Star Battle
Death Star Battles Beecroft, Simon
Don't Wake the Zillo Beast! Richards, Jon
Epic Battles Beecroft, Simon
Escape from Darth Vader Siglain, Michael
Ewoks Join the Fight Siglain, Michael
Ezra and the Pilot Heddle, Jennifer
Feel the Force! Harper, Benjamin
Fight the Empire Fentiman, David
Finn & the First Order Schaefer, Elizabeth
Finn's Mission Fentiman, David
Forces of Darkness Scott, Heather
Galatic Crisis! Beecroft, Simon
Hera's Phantom Flight Schaefer, Elizabeth
I Want to Be a Jedi Beecroft, Simon
Jedi Adventures Beecroft, Simon
Jedi Heroes Hibbert, Clare
Jedi in Training Scott, Heather
Join the Rebels Saunders, Catherine
Journey Through Space Windham, Ryder
Kanan's Jedi Training Schaefer, Elizabeth
Luke Skywalker's Amazing Story Beecroft, Simon
Luke's Fate Thomas, Jim K.
Masters of the Force Dubowski, Cathy East
New Adventures Fentiman, David
Phantom Menace, The Dolan, Hannah
Pirates... and Worse! Beecroft, Simon
Planets in Peril Burton, Bonnie
Queen's Diary, A Beecroft, Simon
R2-D2 and Friends Beecroft, Simon
Ready, Set, Podrace! Beecroft, Simon
Rescue from Jabba's Palace Siglain, Michael
Rey Meets BB-8 Schaefer, Elizabeth
Sabine's Art Attack Heddle, Jennifer
Stand Aside-- Bounty Hunters! Beecroft, Simon
Star Pilot Buller, Laura
Story of Darth Vader, The Saunders, Catherine
Tatooine Adventures Hibbert, Clare
Ultimate Duels Kent, Lindsay
Use the Force! Siglain, Michael
Watch Out for Jabba the Hutt! Beecroft, Simon
What is a Wookiee? Buller, Laura
Yoda in Action! Beecroft, Simon
Zeb to the Rescue Siglain, Michael