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Juvenile Series and Sequels


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Subjects: Superheroes, Batman

# Book Title Author
Arctic Attack Greenberger, Robert
Bat-Mite's Big Blunder Kupperberg, Paul
Catwoman's Classroom of Claws Sonneborn, Scott
Catwoman's Halloween Heist Fein, Eric
Emperor of the Airwaves Lemke, Donald B.
Five Riddles for Robin Dahl, Michael
Fog of Fear, The Powell, Martin
Fun House of Evil Lemke, Donald B.
Harley Quinn's Shocking Surprise Hoena, Blake A.
Killer Croc Hunter Sonneborn, Scott
Mad Hatter's Movie Madness Lemke, Donald B.
Maker of Monsters, The Fein, Eric
Man Behind the Mask, The Dahl, Michael
My Frozen Valentine Fein, Eric
Poison Ivy's Deadly Garden Hoena, Blake A.
Puppet Master's Revenge, The Lemke, Donald B.
Revenge of Clayface, The Stevens, Eric
Robin's First Flight Greenberger, Robert
Scarecrow, Doctor of Fear Manning, Matthew K.
Two-Face's Double Take Manning, Matthew K.