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Juvenile Series and Sequels


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Subjects: Television Program and Movie Novels

# Book Title Author
Be Careful, Friend! Shaw, Natalie
Best Friends Seiss, Ellie
Christmas in Gabba Land Jameson, Louise
Dance with Brobee! Lindner, Brooke
Don't Bite Your Friends! Rao, Lisa
Feel better, Toodee! Gallo, Tina
Foofa's Happy Book Kilpatrick, Irene
Happy Halloween, Brobee! Testa, Maggie
I'm Thankful for You! Evans, Cordelia
It's Nice to Be Nice! Gallo, Tina
It's Okay, Try Again! Seiss, Ellie
Let's Use Our Imaginations! Kilpatrick, Irene
Lovely, Love My Family
Party for Brobee!, A McDoogle, Farrah
Play Pretend with Muno Paz, Veronica
Sleep and Dream of Happy Things Paz, Veronica
Spring Showers Bring Flowers Evans, Cordelia
Where's My Valentine? Gallo, Tina