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Juvenile Series and Sequels


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# Book Title Author
ABC Party Scanlon, Michael
Flyboat Adventures Oxley, Jennifer
Go, Wonder Pets! Selig, Josh
Good Night, Wonder Pets! Selig, Josh
Happy Halloween, Wonder Pets! Pal, Melanie
Let's Count Baby Animals! Oxley, Jennifer
Let's Discover Shapes! Stubbs, Clark
Let's Find Colors! Oxley, Jennifer
Let's Play Outside! Brown, Laura
Let's Play the Opposites Game Scanlon, Michael
Ming-Ming's Favorite Things Lopez, Billy
My Family Loves Me! Selig, Josh
Save the Beetles! Lopez, Billy
Save the Reindeer! Scanlon, Michael
We Are Thankful! Selig, Josh
Wonder Pets Love You!, The Selig, Josh
Wonder Pets Save the Dinosaur!, The Selig, Josh
Wonder Pets Save the Hedgehog!, The Richards, Melinda