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Juvenile Series and Sequels


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Subjects: Drug Abuse, Families, Teenagers, Emotional Problems

# Book Title Author
Adrenaline High Forsyth, Christine A.
All In Polak, Monique
At Risk Guest, Jacqueline
Best Laid Plans Hart, Christine
Beyond Crazy Loughead, Deb
Blow Lundgren, Jodi
Body Art Williams, Tamara L.
Ceiling Stars Diersch, Sandra
Charged Moreira, Carol
Cold Grab Barwin, Steven
Cutter Boy Watson, Cristy
Dark Side Choi, John
Dead to Me Watson, Cristy
Dream Racer Guest, Jacqueline
Epic Fail Watson, Cristy
Every Move McPhee, Peter
Extreme Edge Kellerhals-Stewart, Heather
Femme Bach, Mette
Fight Back Sherrard, Brent
Final Takedown Sherrard, Brent
Gang Girl Miller, Nancy
Girl Fight Harnest, Faye
Gone Bad Choyce, Lesley
Gone Wild Lundgren, Jodi
Hell's Hotel Choyce, Lesley
Homo Harris, Michael
Hook Up Firmston, Kim
Killer Drop Bach, Mette
Klepto Weber, Lori
Last Chance Choyce, Lesley
Last Cut Handman, Wren
Lightning Rider Guest, Jacqueline
Locked Up Watson, Cristy
Love Hurts Scudamore, Beverly
New Blood McPhee, Peter
No One's Baby Taylor, Wanda Lauren
Off Limits Rayner, Robert
On the Game Polak, Monique
On the Run Holman, Marilyn Anne
One Night Florence, Melanie
Out Diersch, Sandra
Out of It Kadarusman, Michelle
Out of Time McPhee, Peter
Pretty Bones Tsintziras, Aya
Pure Fake Scudamore, Beverly
Push Back Spafford-Fitz, Karen
Racing Fear Guest, Jacqueline
Rez Runaway Florence, Melanie
Ride or Die Taylor, Wanda Lauren
Riot School Rayner, Robert
Runner McPhee, Peter
Saving Grad Spafford-Fitz, Karen
Scab Rayner, Robert
Scarred Polak, Monique
Schizo Firmston, Kim
Skank McWhirter, Teresa
Skin Deep Diersch, Sandra
Spin Out Sandor, Steven
Split Weber, Lori
Stalked Hart, Christine
Strange Beauty Weber, Lori
Stupid Firmston, Kim
Tattoo Heaven Weber, Lori
Terrible Secret, A Anfousse, Ginette
Thief Girl Lee, Ingrid
Touch Firmston, Kim
Trap Jam Barwin, Steven
Truth and Lies Williams, Tamara L.
War Games Guest, Jacqueline
Wasted Sherrard, Brent
Wild Ride Guest, Jacqueline