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Juvenile Series and Sequels


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Subjects: Horses, Television Program and Movie Novels

# Book Title Author
Belle of the Ball Benjamin, Ruth
Big Balloon Race, The Frantz, Jennifer
Caps in the Air! Sherman, Karen
Fluttershy's Bunny Haven Keane, Rory
Friends and Foes Belle, Magnolia
Gift of Maud Pie, The Fox, Jennifer
Greenest Day, The Christie, Jennifer
Hearts and Hooves Fox, Jennifer
Holly, Jolly Harmony Jakobs, Devlan
Meet Princess Twilight Sparkle Rosen, Lucy
Meet Starlight Glimmer! Belle, Magnolia
Meet the Ponies of Ponyville London, Olivia
Meet the Princess of Friendship Rosen, Lucy
Meet the Squad Sisler, Celeste
Missing Recipe, The Benjamin, Ruth
Ponies Love Pets! Hughes, Emily C.
Ponies on Ice Benjamin, Ruth
Power Ponies to the Rescue! Belle, Magnolia
Rainbow Road Trip Sisler, Celeste
Secret Gift, A Benjamin, Ruth
Sleepover Surprise Benjamin, Ruth
Tutus and Toe Shoes Benjamin, Ruth
Very Lucky Ponies Benjamin, Ruth
We Are Family Belle, Magnolia
We are Thankful Busse, R. R.
We Like Spike! Fox, Jennifer
Winter Festival Benjamin, Ruth