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Juvenile Series and Sequels


Juvenile Series and Sequels service is being discontinued

Mid-Continent Public Library will no longer provide this service after October 2, 2023. For other potential resources, please read this blog post or consider If you are from another library and wish to explore providing this service, please contact Library Systems Manager Nathan Wittmaier at

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Subjects: Juvenile Easy Reading

# Book Title Author
Arthur Throws a Tantrum Anfousse, Ginette
Arthur's Dad Anfousse, Ginette
Arthur's Problem Puppy Anfousse, Ginette
Campfire Morgan Staunton, Ted
Carrie Loses Her Nerve Choyce, Lesley
Carrie's Camping Adventure Choyce, Lesley
Carrie's Crowd Choyce, Lesley
Duff the Giant Killer Wilson, Budge
Duff's Monkey Business Wilson, Budge
Fred and the Flood Croteau, Marie-Danielle
Fred and the Mysterious Letter Croteau, Marie-Danielle
Fred and the Pig Race Croteau, Marie-Danielle
Fred and the Stinky Cheese Croteau, Marie-Danielle
Fred on the Ice Floes Croteau, Marie-Danielle
Fred's Dream Cat Croteau, Marie-Danielle
Fred's Halloween Adventure Croteau, Marie-Danielle
Fred's Midnight Prowler Croteau, Marie-Danielle
Gift from Mooch, A Gauthier, Gilles
Go For It, Carrie Choyce, Lesley
Good For You, Mikey Mite! Gauthier, Gilles
Great Play, Morgan Staunton, Ted
Hang On, Mooch! Gauthier, Gilles
Jan and Patch Hughes, Monica
Jan on the Trail Hughes, Monica
Jan's Awesome Party Hughes, Monica
Jan's Big Bang Hughes, Monica
Leo and Julio Leblanc, Louise
Leo's Midnight Rescue Leblanc, Louise
Leo's Poster Challenge Leblanc, Louise
Leo's Skiing Surprise Leblanc, Louise
Life Without Mooch Gauthier, Gilles
Lilly and the Hullabaloo Bellingham, Brenda
Lilly and the Snakes Bellingham, Brenda
Lilly in the Middle Bellingham, Brenda
Lilly Makes a Friend Bellingham, Brenda
Lilly Plays Her Part Bellingham, Brenda
Lilly Takes the Lead Bellingham, Brenda
Lilly to the Rescue Bellingham, Brenda
Lilly's Clever Puppy Bellingham, Brenda
Lilly's Good Deed Bellingham, Brenda
Lilly's Special Gift Bellingham, Brenda
Loonie Summer Duchesne, Christiane
Loonies Arrive, The Duchesne, Christiane
Maddie Goes to Paris Leblanc, Louise
Maddie in Goal Leblanc, Louise
Maddie in Hospital Leblanc, Louise
Maddie in Trouble Leblanc, Louise
Maddie Needs Her Own Life Leblanc, Louise
Maddie on TV Leblanc, Louise
Maddie Stands Tall Leblanc, Louise
Maddie Surfs for Cyber Pals Leblanc, Louise
Maddie Tries to Be Good Leblanc, Louise
Maddie Wants Music Leblanc, Louise
Maddie Wants New Clothes Leblanc, Louise
Maddie's Big Test Leblanc, Louise
Maddie's Millionaire Dreams Leblanc, Louise
Marilou Cries Wolf Plante, Raymond
Marilou Forecasts the Future Plante, Raymond
Marilou Keeps a Camel Plante, Raymond
Marilou On Stage Plante, Raymond
Marilou's Long Nose Plante, Raymond
Marilou, Iguana Hunter Plante, Raymond
Max the Superhero Trudel, Sylvain
Mikey Mite Goes to School Gauthier, Gilles
Mikey Mite's Best Present Gauthier, Gilles
Mikey Mite's Big Problem Gauthier, Gilles
Missing Mooch Gauthier, Gilles
Mooch and Me Gauthier, Gilles
Mooch Forever Gauthier, Gilles
Mooch Gets Jealous Gauthier, Gilles
Morgan and the Money Staunton, Ted
Morgan Makes a Deal Staunton, Ted
Morgan Makes a Splash Staunton, Ted
Morgan Makes Music Staunton, Ted
Morgan's Birthday Staunton, Ted
Morgan's Pet Plot Staunton, Ted
Morgan's Secret Staunton, Ted
Pucker Up, Morgan Staunton, Ted
Robyn Looks for Bears Hutchins, H. J. (Hazel J.)
Robyn Makes the News Hutchins, H. J. (Hazel J.)
Robyn's Art Attack Hutchins, H. J. (Hazel J.)
Robyn's Best Idea Hutchins, H. J. (Hazel J.)
Robyn's Monster Play Hutchins, H. J. (Hazel J.)
Robyn's Party in the Park Hutchins, H. J. (Hazel J.)
Robyn's Want Ad Hutchins, H. J. (Hazel J.)
Shoot for the Moon, Robyn Hutchins, H. J. (Hazel J.)
Skate, Robyn, Skate! Hutchins, H. J. (Hazel J.)
Super Move, Morgan Staunton, Ted
Swank Prank, The Gauthier, Bertrand
Swank Talk Gauthier, Bertrand
That's Enough, Maddie! Leblanc, Louise
Toby Laughs Last Lemieux, Jean
Toby Shoots for Infinity Lemieux, Jean
Toby's Best Friend Lemieux, Jean
Toby's Very Important Question Lemieux, Jean
Video Rivals Sarfati, Sonia
Will and His World Trudel, Sylvain