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Juvenile Series and Sequels


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Subjects: Teenagers

# Book Title Author
121 Express Polak, Monique
Ace's Basement Staunton, Ted
Alibi Butcher, Kristin
Bad Business Dakers, Diane
Bear Market Bossley, Michele Martin
Benched Watson, Cristy
Beyond Repair Peterson, Lois
Big Apple Effect, The Goerzen, Christy
Big Dip, The Jackson, Melanie
Bio-Pirate Bossley, Michele Martin
Blob Wishinsky, Frieda
Bones Wilson, John
Branded Walters, Eric
Bullies Rule Polak, Monique
Bungee Jump Withers, Pam
Cabin Girl Butcher, Kristin
Caching In Butcher, Kristin
Camp Disaster Wishinsky, Frieda
Camp Wild Withers, Pam
Caught in the Act Loughead, Deb
Chat Room Butcher, Kristin
Cheat Butcher, Kristin
Chick: Lister Van Tol, Alex
Cracked Bossley, Michele Martin
Crossbow Gaetz, Dayle
Crosswood, The Prendergast, Gabrielle
Daredevil Club Withers, Pam
Death by Airship Slade, Arthur G.
Death Drop Jackson, Melanie
Destination Human Denman, K. L.
Disconnect Peterson, Lois
Dog Walker Spafford-Fitz, Karen
Double Trouble Levy, Joanne
Embrace the Chicken Narsimhan, Mahtab
Explore Goerzen, Christy
Eye Sore Jackson, Melanie
FaceSpace Chamberlain, Adrian
Farmed Out Goerzen, Christy
Fast Slide Jackson, Melanie
Finders Keepers McFarlane, Melanie
Finding Elmo Polak, Monique
Fish Out of Water Levy, Joanne
Flower Power Walsh, Ann
Food Freak Van Tol, Alex
Fraud Squad Bossley, Michele Martin
Hate Mail Polak, Monique
Haunted Hospital Chan, Marty
High Wire Jackson, Melanie
Hold the Pickles Grant, Vicki
Horse Power Walsh, Ann
Hypnotized Trembath, Don
Iggy's World Anderson-Dargatz, Gail
In a Flash Walters, Eric
In the Buff Grant, Vicki
Jelly Roll Joyce, Mere
Jungle Jitters Dalrymple, Lisa
Junkyard Dog Polak, Monique
Just Three Schultz Nicholson, Lorna
Kung Fu Master Chan, Marty
Laggan Lard Butts Walters, Eric
Leggings Revolt Polak, Monique
Living Rough Watson, Cristy
Lost Wilson, John
Manga Touch Pearce, Jacqueline
Marked McClintock, Norah
Maxed Out Greer, Daphne
Mirror Image Denman, K. L.
Nine Doors Grant, Vicki
Oh Brother Bates, Sonya Spreen
On Cue Watson, Cristy
On the Rocks Walters, Eric
Oracle Van Tol, Alex
Out of Season Jones, Carrie
Perfect Revenge Denman, K. L.
Pia's Plans Kuipers, Alice
Pigboy Grant, Vicki
Power Chord Staunton, Ted
Pyro Polak, Monique
Queen of the Toilet Bowl Wishinsky, Frieda
Quiz Queens Denman, K. L.
Rebel's Tag Denman, K. L.
Reckless Choyce, Lesley
Ride Home, The Anderson-Dargatz, Gail
Rise of the Zombie Scarecrows Loughead, Deb
Room 555 Watson, Cristy
Running Behind Taekema, Sylvia
See No Evil Young, Diane
Sewer Rats Brouwer, Sigmund
Shade, The Denman, K. L.
Shadow Joyce, Mere
Shatterproof Shipley, Jocelyn
Siege Pearce, Jacqueline
Skate Freak Choyce, Lesley
Slick Cassidy, Sara
Snowball Effect, The Loughead, Deb
Special Edward Walters, Eric
Splat! Walters, Eric
Spoiled Rotten Gaetz, Dayle
Stolen Wilson, John
Storm Tide Jones, Kari