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Juvenile Series and Sequels


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Subjects: Television Program and Movie Novels

# Book Title Author
Backyard Olympics Thompson, Kim
Caillou and the Big Slide (2012) Beaulieu, Jeannine
Caillou and the Rain (2012) Harvey, Roger
Caillou at the Beach (2012) Johnson, Marion
Caillou Borrows a Book Paradis, Anne
Caillou Dances with Grandma Johanson, Sarah Margaret
Caillou Dresses Up! (2011) Allen, Francine
Caillou Gets the Hiccups Johanson, Sarah Margaret
Caillou Goes Apple Picking Patenaude, Danielle
Caillou Goes Birdwatching Allen, Francine
Caillou Goes Camping Harvey, Roger
Caillou Goes to School Paradis, Anne
Caillou Goes to Work (2012) Harvey, Roger
Caillou is Sick Harvey, Roger
Caillou Learns to Skate Johnson, Marion
Caillou Makes a Meal Paradis, Anne
Caillou Makes a Snowman (2014) Harvey, Roger
Caillou Puts Away His Toys Sanschagrin, Joceline
Caillou Rides a Bike Nadeau, Nicole
Caillou Rides on a Plane Harvey, Roger
Caillou Sends a Letter (2012) Sanschagrin, Joceline
Caillou Spends the Day with Daddy Pleau-Murissi, Marilyn
Caillou Walks His Dog Harvey, Roger
Calliou Learns to Skate Johnson, Marion
Captain, The Johanson, Sarah Margaret
Circus Parade, The Johnson, Marion
Dinosaur Museum, The Paradis, Anne
Dress-Up With Daddy Pleau-Murissi, Marilyn
Gone Fishing Paradis, Anne
Happy Halloween Allen, Francine
Hiding Place Johnson, Marion
Jungle Explorer, The Johanson, Sarah Margaret
Missing Sock, The Johanson, Sarah Margaret
My First Play Pleau-Murissi, Marilyn
My Imaginary Friend Johanson, Sarah Margaret
Mystery Valentine Paradis, Anne
Phone Call, The Pleau-Murissi, Marilyn
School Bus, The Johnson, Marion
Show and Tell Johanson, Sarah Margaret
Training Wheels Johanson, Sarah Margaret
What's That Noise? (2004); What's That Funny Noise? (2009) Johnson, Marion