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Juvenile Series and Sequels


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Subjects: Dora the Explorer, Television Program and Movie Novels

# Book Title Author
Birthday for Boots, A
Dora and Diego Help the Little Wolf Mawhinney, Art
Dora and Diego's Treasure Hunt Valdes, Leslie
Dora in Wonderland Tillworth, Mary
Dora's Bedtime Wishes
Dora's Big Birthday Adventure Silverhardt, Lauryn
Dora's Big Dig Inches, Alison
Dora's Christmas Star Tillworth, Mary
Dora's Cousin Diego Hall, Susan
Dora's Dance Show
Dora's Farm Rescue!
Dora's Pirate Adventure Valdes, Leslie
Fairytale Adventure, A Tillworth, Mary
Goodnight, Dora!
Halloween Hoedown! Reisner, Molly
Puppy's Big Surprise!
Super Babies' Dream Adventure Ricci, Christine
1 Dora's Backpack Willson, Sarah
2 Little Star Willson, Sarah
3 Happy Mother's Day, Mami! Valdes, Leslie
4 Meet Diego! Valdes, Leslie
5 Dora's Thanksgiving Willson, Sarah
6 Dora Loves Boots Inches, Alison
7 Dora's Book of Manners Ricci, Christine
8 Dora Goes to School (2004); Dora Va a la Escuela (2006) Valdes, Leslie
9 Dora's Fairy-Tale Adventure Ricci, Christine
10 Dora's Chilly Day Thorpe, Kiki
11 Show Me Your Smile! Ricci, Christine
12 Dora and Diego's Treasure Hunt (2011); Dora's Pirate Adventure (2005) Valdes, Leslie
13 Big Sister Dora! Inches, Alison
14 At the Carnival Valdes, Leslie
15 Dora's Costume Party! Ricci, Christine
16 Dance to the Rescue Driscoll, Laura
17 Dora's Starry Christmas Ricci, Christine
18 Super Babies! Inches, Alison
19 Birthday Dance Party, The Inches, Alison
20 Dora's World Adventure! Nimm, Suzanne D.
21 Dora Climbs Star Mountain Inches, Alison
22 It's Sharing Day! Larsen, Kirsten
23 Dora Had a Little Lamb Risco, Elle D.
24 Dora Saves Mermaid Kingdom! Teitelbaum, Michael
25 Dora and the Stuck Truck Beinstein, Phoebe
26 Say "Ahhh!": Dora Goes to the Doctor Beinstein, Phoebe
27 Dora Saves the Snow Princess Beinstein, Phoebe
28 I Love My Abuela! Ricci, Christine
29 Swim, Boots, Swim! Beinstein, Phoebe
30 Dora Saves Crystal Kingdom Reisner, Molly
31 Dora's Christmas Carol Ricci, Christine