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Juvenile Series and Sequels


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Subjects: Television Program and Movie Novels, Blue's Clues

# Book Title Author
Bedtime Silverhardt, Lauryn
Blue Makes a Kite Fry, Sonali
Blue Skidoos To The Farm Santomero, Angela C.
Blue Skidoos to the Planets! Santomero, Angela C.
Blue Talks! Inches, Alison
Blue's #1 Picnic Yablonsky, Buster
Blue's Baby Animals Miglis, Jenny
Blue's Bedtime Nursery Rhymes
Blue's Bedtime: A Cloth Book to Touch and Feel
Blue's Buttons Johnson, Traci Paige
Blue's Colors Fry, Sonali
Blue's Friends Silverhardt, Lauryn
Blue's Opposites Game Albee, Sarah
Blue's Playroom Friends Telfeyan, Kate
Blue's Sleepover Party Peltzman, Adam
Blue's Songtime Bromberg, Brian
Blue's Starry Night Miglis, Jenny
Blue's Treasure Hunt Notebook Santomero, Angela C.
Blues Felt Friends Santomero, Angela C.
Building with Blue Wilder, Alice
Celebrate with Blue! : A Book of Winter Holidays Albee, Sarah
Christmas in Blue's Room Silverhardt, Lauryn
Counting with Blue Silverhardt, Lauryn
Crayon World Santomero, Angela C.
Faces Miglis, Jenny
Feelings Miglis, Jenny
Figure Out Blue's Clues! Perello, Jennifer Twomey
Get Dressed! Silverhardt, Lauryn
Good Night, Blue Santomero, Angela C.
Great Things To Be! Smith, Michael T.
Guess Who Loves Blue! Reber, Deborah
It's Friendship Day! Wax, Wendy
Lights On! Lights Off! Santomero, Angela C.
Meet Blue! Boczkowski, Tricia
Meet Blue's Baby Brother! Lindner, Brooke
Meet Joe! Bromberg, Brian
Meet Periwinkle Boczkowski, Tricia
One Little Duck Farrell, Melissa
Peekaboo, Blue! Miglis, Jenny
Periwinkle Moves In Smith, Michael T.
Ready, Set...Grow! Wilder, Alice
Seasons in Blue's Backyard Perello, Jennifer Twomey
Shape Detectives, The Santomero, Angela C.
Telling Time With Tickety Tock Landy, Sarah
Weather Games with Blue! Reber, Deborah
Welcome to Blue's Clues Santomero, Angela C.
What Is Blue Feeling? Santomero, Angela C.
What's Next? Willson, Sarah
What's That Sound, Blue? Hood, Susan
Where Are You, Blue? Wilder, Alice
Who Am I? : A Book to Touch and Feel Wilder, Alice