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Juvenile Series and Sequels


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Subjects: Teenagers

# Book Title Author
Riot Act Tullson, Diane
River Traffic Martin, Martha Brack
Rock Star Chamberlain, Adrian
Rules Have Changed, The Choyce, Lesley
Running the Risk Choyce, Lesley
Saving Grace Ryan, Darlene
Scam Choyce, Lesley
Scum Dekker, James C.
Sea Change Tullson, Diane
Shallow Grave Van Tol, Alex
Shark Ross, Jeff
Shattered Harvey, Sarah N.
Skylark Cassidy, Sara
Sleight of Hand Deen, Natasha
Snitch McClintock, Norah
Something Girl Goobie, Beth
Spiral Denman, K. L.
Stella Rising Belgue, Nancy
Sticks and Stones Goobie, Beth
Stranded Shipley, Jocelyn
Stuffed Walters, Eric
Tagged Walters, Eric
Tap Out Rodman, Sean
Tell McClintock, Norah
Thicker Than Water Deen, Natasha
Thing You're Good At, The Choyce, Lesley
Thunderbowl Choyce, Lesley
Tornado Jennings, Sharon
Tough Trails Morck, Irene
Triggered Grant, Vicki
Trouble with Liberty, The Butcher, Kristin
Truth Kyi, Tanya Lloyd
Unbroken Hearts Club, The Carter, Brooke
Under Threat Stevenson, Robin H.
Up North Ross, Jeff
Viral Van Tol, Alex
Watch Out Hughes, Alison
Wave Warrior Choyce, Lesley
Way Back, The Mac, Carrie
Who Owns Kelly Paddik? Goobie, Beth
Yellow Line, The Olsen, Sylvia
Zee's Way Butcher, Kristin