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Juvenile Series and Sequels


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Subjects: Historical Fiction, History

# Book Title Author
Allen Jay and the Underground Railroad Brill, Marlene Targ
American Army of Two, An Greeson, Janet
Bronco Charlie and the Pony Express Brill, Marlene Targ
Buttons for General Washington Roop, Peter
Clouds of Terror Welch, Catherine A.
Copper Lady, The Ross, Alice
Cracking the Wall Lucas, Eileen
Danger at Sand Cave Ransom, Candice F.
Daring Escape of Ellen Craft, The Moore, Cathy
Day of the Black Blizzard, The Ransom, Candice F.
Fire at the Triangle Factory Littlefield, Holly
Flight of the Union, The White, Tekla
Girl Who Struck Out Babe Ruth, The Patrick, Jean L. S.
I Pledge Allegiance Swanson, June
Kate Shelley and the Midnight Express Wetterer, Margaret K.
Keep the Lights Burning, Abbie Roop, Peter
Many Ways to Be a Soldier Pfeffer, Wendy
Night of the Hurricane's Fury, The Ransom, Candice F.
Prisoner for Liberty Figley, Marty Rhodes
Rescue on the Outer Banks Ransom, Candice F.
Robert Smalls Sails to Freedom Brown, Susan Taylor
Sam Collier and the Founding of Jamestown Ransom, Candice F.
Saving the Liberty Bell Figley, Marty Rhodes
Schoolchildren's Blizzard, The Figley, Marty Rhodes
Snow Walker, The Wetterer, Margaret K.
Star-Spangled Banner Welch, Catherine A.
Sybil Ludington's Midnight Ride Amstel, Marsha
Washington is Burning Figley, Marty Rhodes
Will and Orv Schulz, Walter A.
Willie McLean and the Civil War Surrender Ransom, Candice F.