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Juvenile Series and Sequels


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Subjects: Historical Fiction, Adventure Stories

# Book Title Author
Addison Addley and the Things That Aren't There McMillan, Melody DeFields
Addison Addley and the Trick of the Eye McMillan, Melody DeFields
Addy's Race Waldman, Debby
After Peaches Mulder, Michelle
Any Pet Will Do Shouse, Nancy
Ballad of Knuckles McGraw, The Peterson, Lois
Belle Of Batoche Guest, Jacqueline
Big Snapper, The Holubitsky, Katherine
Birdie for Now Little, Jean
Boot Camp Walters, Eric
Casey Little, Yo-Yo Queen Belgue, Nancy
Catching Spring Olsen, Sylvia
Chance and the Butterfly de Vries, Maggie
Colette and the Silver Samovar Belgue, Nancy
Cursed! Bush, Maureen
Danger at the Landings Citra, Becky
Daughter of Light Attema, Martha
Different Game, A Olsen, Sylvia
Dinosaurs on the Beach Helmer, Marilyn
Discovering Emily Pearce, Jacqueline
Dog Days Citra, Becky
Ellie's New Home Citra, Becky
Emily's Dream Pearce, Jacqueline
Feather Brain Bush, Maureen
Five Stars for Emily Waldron, Kathleen Cook
Flight From Bear Canyon Daher, Anita
Flight From Big Tangle Daher, Anita
Forward, Shakespeare! Little, Jean
Freezing Moon, The Citra, Becky
Full Court Press Walters, Eric
Going Places Hurcomb, Fran
Great Bike Rescue, The Hutchins, H. J. (Hazel J.)
Hero Attema, Martha
Home Team Walters, Eric
Hoop Crazy! Walters, Eric
I Owe You One Hyde, Natalie
Jake Reynolds: Chicken or Eagle? Leach, Sara
Jesse's Star Schwartz, Ellen
Jo's Journey Tate, Nikki
Jo's Triumph Tate, Nikki
Just Call Me Joe Wishinsky, Frieda
Keeper and the Crows, The Spalding, Andrea
Last Loon, The Upjohn, Rebecca
Long Shot Walters, Eric
Lucky's Mountain Maycock, Dianne
Meeting Miss 405 Peterson, Lois
Molly's Promise Olsen, Sylvia
Murphy and Mousetrap Olsen, Sylvia
Off Season Walters, Eric
On the Trail of the Bushman Daher, Anita
Paper House, The Peterson, Lois
Peggy's Letters Halsey, Jacqueline
Phoebe and the Gypsy Spalding, Andrea
Poachers in the Pingos Daher, Anita
Racing for Diamonds Daher, Anita
Rescue Pup Little, Jean
Reunion, The Pearce, Jacqueline
Road Block Ridge, Yolanda
Road Trip Walters, Eric
Runaway Citra, Becky
Seconds Taekema, Sylvia
Secret Signs Guest, Jacqueline
Somebody's Girl de Vries, Maggie
Strawberry Moon Citra, Becky
Ten Thumb Sam Muller, Rachel Dunstan
Things are Looking Grimm, Jill Bar-el, Dan
Things are Looking Up, Jack Bar-el, Dan
Three on Three Walters, Eric
TJ and the Cats Hutchins, H. J. (Hazel J.)
TJ and the Haunted House Hutchins, H. J. (Hazel J.)
TJ and the Quiz Kids Hutchins, H. J. (Hazel J.)
TJ and the Rockets Hutchins, H. J. (Hazel J.)
TJ and the Sports Fanatic Hutchins, H. J. (Hazel J.)
Triple Threat Walters, Eric
Trouble in the Trees Ridge, Yolanda
Under a Living Sky Simons, Joseph
Underdog Walters, Eric
Undergardeners, The Ellis, Desmond Anthony
Whiteout Citra, Becky
Yossi's Goal Schwartz, Ellen