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Juvenile Series and Sequels


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Subjects: Sports Fiction

# Book Title Author
Against the Boards Schultz Nicholson, Lorna
Alecia's Challenge Diersch, Sandra
Bad Shot Taekema, Sylvia
Baseball Crazy Godfrey, Martyn
Bench Brawl Kew, Trevor
Breakaway Kew, Trevor
Breathing Not Required Bossley, Michele Martin
Brothers on Ice Danakas, John
Called Up Sandor, Steven
Camp All-Star Coldwell, Michael
Comeback, The O'Brien, Alex
Corner Kick Swan, Bill
Courage on the Line Bates, Cynthia
Cross-Check! Schultz Nicholson, Lorna
Curve Ball Danakas, John
Cutting It Close Crook, Marion
Danger Zone Bossley, Michele Martin
Deflection! Swan, Bill
Delaying the Game Schultz Nicholson, Lorna
Double Play Cassidy, Sara
Double Reverse Bowen, Fred
Dressed to Play Manuel, Jennifer
Drive Howling, Eric
Easy Out Sandor, Steven
Empty Net Starr, David
Enforcer, The Swan, Bill
Face Off Forsyth, Christine A.
Fadeaway Barwin, Steven
Falling Star Rayner, Robert
False Start Diersch, Sandra
Fast Break Coldwell, Michael
Fast Finish Swan, Bill
Flip Turn Polak, Monique
Foul Play Scudamore, Beverly
Free Runner Trifunov, David
Free Throw Guest, Jacqueline
Game Face Gunnery, Sylvia
Glory Ride Williams, Tamara L.
Goal in Sight, A Guest, Jacqueline
Goon Squad Bossley, Michele Martin
Great Lengths Diersch, Sandra
Hat Trick Guest, Jacqueline
Head Hunter Howling, Eric
Head to Head Manuel, Jennifer
Heads Up! Hunter, Dawn
Hit and Run Hunter, Dawn
Hockey Heat Wave Forsyth, Christine A.
Hockey Heroes Danakas, John
Hockey Night in Transcona Danakas, John
Holding Schultz Nicholson, Lorna
Home Court Advantage Diersch, Sandra
Home Ice Vandervelde, Beatrice
Hoop Magic Howling, Eric
Hustle Boateng, Johnny
Ice Attack Vandervelde, Beatrice
Ice Dreams Scudamore, Beverly
Ice Time Trifunov, David
Icebreaker Barwin, Steven
Interference Schultz Nicholson, Lorna
Jump Ball Mercer, Adrienne
Just for Kicks Rayner, Robert
Just Run Loughead, Deb
Katie's Midnight Ride Forsyth, Christine A.
Kayak Combat Howling, Eric
Leap of Faith Bossley, Michele Martin
Little's Losers (2012); Miss Little's Losers (2003) Rayner, Robert
Lizzi's Soccer Showdown Danakas, John
Long Bomb Howling, Eric
Making Select Barwin, Steven
Making the Team Blair, Kelsey
Man-to-Man Swan, Bill
Mikayla's Victory Bates, Cynthia
Misconduct Scudamore, Beverly
Mud Happens Swan, Bill
Mud Run Swan, Bill
No Contact Diersch, Sandra
No Guts, No Glory Bossley, Michele Martin
Northern Star Schultz Nicholson, Lorna
Not Out McLean, Dirk
Nothing But Net Coldwell, Michael
Off the Wall Rivers, Camilla Reghelini
Off Track Swan, Bill
Offside! Diersch, Sandra
Open Ice Trifunov, David
Out of Bounds Gunnery, Sylvia
Out of Sight Rayner, Robert
Perfect Gymnast, The Bossley, Michele Martin
Personal Best Gunnery, Sylvia
Pick and Roll Blair, Kelsey
Play On Diersch, Sandra
Playing Favourites Kew, Trevor
Playing for Keeps Sandor, Steven
Playmaker, The O'Brien, Alex
Pool Princess Bossley, Michele Martin
Power Hitter Forsyth, Christine A.
Power Play Bossley, Michele Martin
Queen of the Court Bossley, Michele Martin
Ready to Run Scudamore, Beverly
Rebound Mercer, Adrienne
Red Zone Rivals Howling, Eric