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Juvenile Series and Sequels


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Subjects: Children as Authors

# Book Title Author
Abby's Wish St. John, Liza
Babu's Babushka DeSena, Bronwen
Ball, the Book, and the Drum, The Troll, Morgan
Birth of a New Tradition Asmar, Ramsey
Broccoli-Flavored Bubblegum McGivern, Justin
Case of the Crooked Candles, The Cann, Jonathan
China Shelf Luxury Troia, Lily
Day the Computers Broke Down, The Normand, Laura
Discovering Friendship Kadish, Sharona
Faster Than the Bull Braun, Lutz
Fence Was Too High, The Esh, Olivia
First Day, The McHale, Gillian
Friends Afloat Rosenbaum, Eliza
Future of Willow Springs Park, The Taylor, Allison
Going to Grandma's Oxford, Mariesa
Harvey's Wish Fitzgerald, Matthew
History Takes a Wild Ride Johnson, Baron
Home is Where Your Family Is Kavanagh, Katie
How Honu the Turtle Got His Shell McGuire-Turcotte, Casey A.
How the Clown Won the Princess's Heart Tong, Gina
Huan Ching and the Golden Fish Reeser, Michael
Irwin the Sock Klein, David J.
Jacob's Collection Mundt, Brian
Jamie's Turn DeWitt, Jamie
Joey's Birthday Wish Lambert, Matthew
Knock at the Door, A Sonderling, Eric
Legacy of John Cyclone, The Weiner, Andy
Long, Green Pencil, The Werner, Sara
Luck of the Irish, The Paulsen, Brendan P.
Magic Bat, The Griffin, Geoffrey
Magic Donkey, The Pio, Adam
Miloli's Orchids Jezek, Alisandra
Moth and the Flame, The Bolduc, Dylan
Mountain Boy Josephs, Anna Catherine
My First American Friend Jin, Sarunna
My First Spring Lambert, Matthew
My Heart is Full of Wishes Grishaw, Joshua
Mystery of the Treasure Map Richardson, Andrew
Old Barn, The Miller, Rose
Old Slippery Belanger, Mark
Only at the Children's Table Baron-Hall, Daria
Pegasus Club and Me, The Beck, Amanda
Penny Doll, The Hennings, Jennifer
Racing Through Time On a Flying Machine Werley-Prieto, Elizabeth
Salcott, the Indian Boy Eldridge, Melinda
Second Thought, A Cormier, Michael
Secret of the Eagle Feathers McKinley, Maura
Snowman Who Wanted to See July Estvanik, Nicole B.
Story About Courage, A Vecere, Joel
To See or Not to See Struble, Steve
Too Many Me's Merkley, Chad
Treasure in the Attic Chapman, Christina
Very Scraggly Christmas Tree, A Pippen, Christie
World So Different, A Butrymowicz, Sarah