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Juvenile Series and Sequels


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Subjects: Horror Stories, Fear Street

# Book Title Author
1 Hide and Shriek James, Emily
2 Who's Been Sleeping in My Grave? Roos, Stephen
3 Attack of the Aqua Apes Cascone, A. G.
4 Nightmare in 3-D Hatrick, Gloria
5 Stay Away From the Tree House Eisenberg, Lisa
6 Eye of the Fortune Teller Cascone, A. G.
7 Fright Knight Laux, Connie
8 Ooze, The Roos, Stephen
9 Revenge of the Shadow People Malcolm, Jahnna N.
10 Bugman Lives!, The Gorman, Carol
11 Boy Who Ate Fear Street, The Roos, Stephen
12 Night of the Werecat Lance, Katherine
13 How to Be a Vampire Hall, Katy
14 Body Switchers from Outer Space Hoffman, Nina Kiriki
15 Fright Christmas Roos, Stephen
16 Don't Ever Get Sick at Granny's Malcolm, Jahnna N.
17 House of a Thousand Screams MacFearson, P.
18 Camp Fear Ghouls Malcolm, Jahnna N.
19 Three Evil Wishes Crimi, Carolyn
20 Spell of the Screaming Jokers Hall, Kathy
21 Creature From Club Lagoona, The Hatrick, Gloria
22 Field of Screams MacFearson, P.
23 Why I'm Not Afraid of Ghosts Hoffman, Nina Kiriki
24 Monster Dog Surmacz, Rick
25 Halloween Bugs Me Joyce, Barbara
26 Go To Your Tomb - Right Now! Crimi, Carolyn
27 Parents From the 13th Dimension Hall, Katy
28 Hide and Shriek II James, Emily
29 Tale of the Blue Monkey, The Winfrey, Elizabeth
30 I Was a Sixth Grade Zombie Hoffman, Nina Kiriki
31 Escape of the He-Beast McBrier, Page
32 Caution, Aliens at Work Lance, Kathryn
33 Attack of the Vampire Worms Hapka, Cathy (Catherine A.)
34 Horror Hotel, Part 1: The Vampire Checks In James, Emily
35 Horror Hotel, Part 2: Ghost in the Guest Room Metz, Melinda
36 Funhouse of Dr. Freek, The Stine, R. L.