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Juvenile Series and Sequels


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Subjects: Love Stories

# Book Title Author
101 Wrong for Each Other Quin-Harkin, Janet
102 Hearts Don't Lie Fields, Terri
103 Cross My Heart Gregory, Diana
104 Playing for Keeps Stevens, Janice
105 Perfect Boy, The Hapgood, Elizabeth R.
106 Mission: Love Makris, Kathryn
107 If You Love Me Steiner, Barbara
108 One of the Boys Jarnow, Jill
109 No More Boys White, Charlotte
110 Playing Games Hehl, Eileen
111 Stolen Kisses Reynolds, Elizabeth
112 Listen to Your Heart Caudell, Marian
113 Private Eyes Winfield, Julia
114 Just the Way You Are Boies, Janice
115 Promise Me Love Redish, Jane
116 Heartbreak Hill MacBain, Carol
117 Other Me, The Fields, Terri
118 Heart to Heart Curtis, Stefanie
119 Star-Crossed Love Cadwallader, Sharon
120 Mr. Wonderful Michaels, Fran
121 Only Make-Believe Winfield, Julia
122 Song for Linda, A Daley, Dee
123 Love in the Wings Smiley, Virginia
124 More Than Friends Boies, Janice
125 Parade of Hearts Beecham, Jahnna
126 Here's My Heart Curtis, Stefanie
127 My Best Enemy Quin-Harkin, Janet
128 One Boy at a Time Fields, Terri
129 Vote for Love, A Gregory, Diana
130 Dance With Me Beecham, Jahnna
131 Hand-Me-Down Heart Schultz, Mary
132 Winner Takes All Lykken, Laurie
133 Playing the Field Hehl, Eileen
134 Past Perfect Michaels, Fran
135 Geared for Romance Wyeth, Sharon Dennis
136 Stand by for Love MacBain, Carol
137 Rocky Romance Wyeth, Sharon Dennis
138 Heart and Soul Boies, Janice
139 Right Combination, The Beecham, Jahnna
140 Love Detour Curtis, Stefanie
141 Winter Dreams Conklin, Barbara P.
142 Lifeguard Summer Jarnow, Jill
143 Crazy for You Beecham, Jahnna
144 Priceless Love Lykken, Laurie
145 This Time for Real Gorman, Susan
146 Gifts from the Heart Simbal, Joanne
147 Trust in Love Finney, Shan
148 Riddles of Love Baer, Judy
149 Practice Makes Perfect Beecham, Jahnna
150 Summer Secrets Blake, Susan
151 Fortunes of Love Schultz, Mary
152 Cross-Country Match Richards, Ann
153 Perfect Catch, The Lykken, Laurie
154 Love Lines Grimes, Francis Hurley
155 Game of Love, The Gorman, Susan
156 Two Boys Too Many Bloss, Janet Adele
157 Mr. Perfect Curtis, Stefanie
158 Crossed Signals Boies, Janice
159 Long Shot Simbal, Joanne
160 Blue Ribbon Romance Smiley, Virginia
161 My Perfect Valentine Baker, Susan
162 Trading Hearts Blake, Susan
163 My Dream Guy Cassidy, Carla Bracale
164 Playing to Win Boies, Janice
165 Brush With Love, A St. Pierre, Stephanie
166 Three's a Crowd Dale, Allison
167 Working at Love Baer, Judy
168 Dream Date Cassidy, Carla Bracale
169 Golden Girl Ballard, Jane
170 Rock 'N' Roll Sweetheart Lykken, Laurie
171 Acting on Impulse Wallach, Susan Jo
172 Sun Kissed St. Pierre, Stephanie
173 Music from the Heart Laskin, Pamela L.
174 Love on Strike Boies, Janice
175 Puppy Love Cassidy, Carla Bracale
176 Wrong-Way Romance South, Sherri Cobb
177 Truth About Love, The Lykken, Laurie
178 Project Boyfriend St. Pierre, Stephanie
179 Racing Hearts Sloate, Susan
180 Opposites Attract Singleton, Linda Joy
181 Time Out for Love O'Connell, June
182 Down With Love Cassidy, Carla Bracale
183 Real Thing, The McHugh, Elizabet
184 Too Good to be True Kirby, Susan E.
185 Focus on Love Anson, Mandy
186 That Certain Feeling South, Sherri Cobb
187 Fair-Weather Love Cassidy, Carla Bracale
188 Play Me a Love Song Headapohl, Bette
189 Cheating Heart Lykken, Laurie
190 Almost Perfect Singleton, Linda Joy
191 Backstage Romance Kroeger, Kelly
192 Cinderella Game, The South, Sherri Cobb
193 Love on the Upbeat O'Connell, June
194 Lucky in Love Hehl, Eileen
195 Comedy of Errors Crawford, Diane M.
196 Clashing Hearts Jenner, Caryn
197 News is Love, The Phelps, Lauren M.
198 Partners in Love Kirby, Susan E.
199 Wings of Love Wolfe, Anne Herron
200 Love to Spare Singleton, Linda Joy