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Juvenile Series and Sequels


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Subjects: Love Stories

# Book Title Author
1 P.S. I Love You Conklin, Barbara P.
2 Popularity Plan, The Vernon, Rosemary
3 Laurie's Song Brand, Debra
4 Princess Amy Pollowitz, Melinda
5 Little Sister Green, Yvonne
6 California Girl Quin-Harkin, Janet
7 Green Eyes Rand, Suzanne
8 Thoroughbred, The Campbell, Joanna
9 Cover Girl Green, Yvonne
10 Love Match Quin-Harkin, Janet
11 Problem With Love, The Vernon, Rosemary
12 Night of the Prom Spector, Debra
13 Summer Jenny Fell in Love, The Vernon, Rosemary
14 Dance of Love Saal, Jocelyn
15 Thinking of You Noble, Jeanette
16 How Do You Say Goodbye? Burman, Margaret
17 Ask Annie Rand, Suzanne
18 Ten-Boy Summer Quin-Harkin, Janet
19 Love Song Park, Anne
20 Popularity Summer, The Vernon, Rosemary
21 All's Fair in Love Andrews, Jeanne
22 Secret Identity Campbell, Joanna
23 Falling in Love Again Conklin, Barbara P.
24 Trouble With Charlie, The Ellen, Jaye
25 Her Secret Self Willot, Rhondi
26 It Must Be Magic Woodruff, Marian
27 Too Young for Love Maravel, Gailanne
28 Trusting Hearts Saal, Jocelyn
29 Never Love a Cowboy Dukore, Jesse
30 Little White Lies Fisher, Lois I.
31 Too Close for Comfort Spector, Debra
32 Daydreamer Quin-Harkin, Janet
33 Dear Amanda Vernon, Rosemary
34 Country Girl Pollowitz, Melinda
35 Forbidden Love Woodruff, Marian
36 Summer Dreams Conklin, Barbara P.
37 Portrait of Love Noble, Jeanette
38 Running Mates Saal, Jocelyn
39 First Love Spector, Debra
40 Secrets Aaron, Anna
41 Truth About Me and Bobby V., The Johns, Janetta
42 Perfect Match, The Woodruff, Marian
43 Tender Loving Care Park, Anne
44 Long Distance Love Dukore, Jesse
45 Dream Prom Burman, Margaret
46 On Thin Ice Saal, Jocelyn
47 Te Amo Means I Love You Kent, Deborah
48 Dial L for Love Woodruff, Marian
49 Too Much to Lose Rand, Suzanne
50 Lights, Camera, Love Maravel, Gailanne
51 Magic Moments Spector, Debra
52 Love Notes Campbell, Joanna
53 Ghost of a Chance Quin-Harkin, Janet
54 I Can't Forget You Fisher, Lois I.
55 Spotlight on Love Pines, Nancy
56 Campfire Nights Cowan, Dale
57 On Her Own Rand, Suzanne
58 Rhythm of Love Foster, Stephanie
59 Please Say Yes Crawford, Alice O.
60 Summer Breezes Blake, Susan
61 Exchange of Hearts Quin-Harkin, Janet
62 Just Like the Movies Rand, Suzanne
63 Kiss Me, Creep Woodruff, Marian
64 Love in the Fast Lane Vernon, Rosemary
65 Two of Us, The Quin-Harkin, Janet
66 Love Times Two Foster, Stephanie
67 I Believe in You Conklin, Barbara P.
68 Lovebirds Quin-Harkin, Janet
69 Call Me Beautiful Blair, Shannon
70 Special Someone Fields, Terri
71 Too Many Boys Dickenson, Celia
72 Goodbye Forever Conklin, Barbara P.
73 Language of Love Vernon, Rosemary
74 Don't Forget Me Gregory, Diana
75 First Summer Love Foster, Stephanie
76 Three Cheers for Love Rand, Suzanne
77 Ten-Speed Summer Kent, Deborah
78 Never Say No Capron, Jean F.
79 Star Struck! Blair, Shannon
80 Shot at Love, A Jarnow, Jill
81 Secret Admirer Spector, Debra
82 Hey, Good Looking! Polcover, Jane
83 Love By the Book Park, Anne
84 Last Word, The Blake, Susan
85 Boy She Left Behind, The Rand, Suzanne
86 Questions of Love Vernon, Rosemary
87 Programmed for Love Crane, Stephen
88 Wrong Kind of Boy Blair, Shannon
89 101 Ways to Meet Mr. Right Quin-Harkin, Janet
90 Two's a Crowd Gregory, Diana
91 Love Hunt, The Green, Yvonne
92 Kiss and Tell Blair, Shannon
93 Great Boy Chase, The Quin-Harkin, Janet
94 Second Chances Levinson, Nancy
95 No Strings Attached Hehl, Eileen
96 First, Last and Always Conklin, Barbara P.
97 Dancing in the Dark Ross, Carolyn
98 Love in the Air Conklin, Barbara P.
99 Follow That Boy Quin-Harkin, Janet
100 One Boy Too Many Caudell, Marian