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Juvenile Series and Sequels


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Subjects: Historical Fiction

# Book Title Author
All For Texas (A Story of Texas Liberation) Wisler, G. Clifton
Corn Raid (A Story of the Jamestown Settlement) Collier, James Lincoln
Eye For an Eye, An (A Story of the Revolutionary War) Roop, Peter
Revenge of the Aztecs (A Story of 1920's Hollywood) Pfeffer, Susan Beth
Road to Freedom, The (A Story of the Reconstruction) Asim, Jabari
Sweet America (An Immigrant's Story) Kroll, Steven
This Generation of Americans (A Story of the Civil Rights Movement) McKissack, Frederick L.
To Touch the Stars (A Story of World War II) Zeinert, Karen
When I Dream of Heaven (Angelina's Story) Kroll, Steven
Wind on the River (A Story of the Civil War) Lawlor, Laurie
Worst of Times, The (A Story of the Great Depression) Collier, James Lincoln