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Juvenile Series and Sequels


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Subjects: Plot-Your-Own Stories

# Book Title Author
101 Alien, Go Home! Johnson, Seddon
102 Master of Tae Kwon Do Brightfield, Richard
103 Grave Robbers Montgomery, R. A.
104 Cobra Connection, The Foley, Louise Munro
105 Treasure of the Onyx Dragon, The Gilligan, Alison
106 Hijacked! Brightfield, Richard
107 Flight For Freedom Leibold, Jay
108 Master of Karate Brightfield, Richard
109 Chinese Dragons Montgomery, R. A.
110 Invaders From Within Packard, Edward
111 Smoke Jumper Montgomery, R. A.
112 Skateboard Champion Packard, Edward
113 Lost Ninja Leibold, Jay
114 Daredevil Park Compton, Sara
115 Island of Time, The Montgomery, R. A.
116 Kidnapped! Packard, Edward
117 Search for Aladdin's Lamp, The Leibold, Jay
118 Vampire Invaders Packard, Edward
119 Terrorist Trap, The Gilligan, Shannon
120 Ghost Train Foley, Louise Munro
121 Behind the Wheel Montgomery, R. A.
122 Magic Master Packard, Edward
123 Silver Wings Montgomery, R. A.
124 Superbike Packard, Edward
125 Outlaw Gulch Montgomery, Ramsey
126 Master of Martial Arts Brightfield, Richard
127 Showdown Gilligan, Shannon
128 Viking Raiders Packard, Edward
129 Earthquake! Gilligan, Alison
130 You Are Microscopic Packard, Edward
131 Surf Monkey Leibold, Jay
132 Luckiest Day of Your Life, The Packard, Edward
133 Forgotten Planet Wilhelm, Doug
134 Secret of the Dolphins Packard, Edward
135 Playoff Champion Von Moschzisker, Felix
136 Roller Star Packard, Edward
137 Scene of the Crime Wilhelm, Doug
138 Dinosaur Island Packard, Edward
139 Motocross Mania Montgomery, R. A.
140 Horror House Packard, Edward
141 Secret of Mystery Hill Wilhelm, Doug
142 Reality Machine, The Packard, Edward
143 Project UFO Montgomery, R. A.
144 Comet Crash Packard, Edward
145 Everest Adventure! Montgomery, A. C. (Anson Cappel)
146 Soccer Star Packard, Edward
147 Antimatter Universe, The Mueller, Kate
148 Master of Judo Brightfield, Richard
149 Search the Amazon! Wilhelm, Doug
150 Who Are You? Packard, Edward
151 Gunfire at Gettysburg Wilhelm, Doug
152 War With the Mutant Spider Ants Packard, Edward
153 Last Run Montgomery, R. A.
154 Cyberspace Warrior Packard, Edward
155 Ninja Cyborg Leibold, Jay
156 You Are an Alien Packard, Edward
157 U.N. Adventure Montgomery, Ramsey
158 Sky-Jam! Packard, Edward
159 Tattoo of Death Montgomery, R. A.
160 Computer Takeover, The Packard, Edward
161 Possessed! Montgomery, R. A.
162 Typhoon Packard, Edward
163 Shadow of the Swastika Wilhelm, Doug
164 Fright Night Packard, Edward
165 Snowboard Racer Montgomery, A. C. (Anson Cappel)
166 Master of Aikido Brightfield, Richard
167 Moon Quest Montgomery, A. C. (Anson Cappel)
168 Hostage! Packard, Edward
169 Terror on the Titanic Wallace, Jim
170 Greed, Guns and Gold Packard, Edward
171 Death in the Dorm Montgomery, R. A.
172 Mountain Biker Packard, Edward
173 Gold Medal Secret, The Wilhelm, Doug
174 Power Dome, The Packard, Edward
175 Underground Railroad, The Wilhelm, Doug
176 Master of Kendo Brightfield, Richard
177 Killer Virus Montgomery, R. A.
178 River of No Return Lahey, Vince
179 Ninja Avenger Leibold, Jay
180 Stampede! Hill, Laban Carrick
181 Fire on Ice Packard, Edward
182 Fugitive Packard, Edward
183 Cyberhacker Montgomery, A. C. (Anson Cappel)
184 Mayday! Packard, Edward
185 Escape from the Haunted Warehouse Montgomery, A. C. (Anson Cappel)