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Juvenile Series and Sequels


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Subjects: Plot-Your-Own Stories

# Book Title Author
1 Cave of Time, The Packard, Edward
2 Journey Under the Sea Montgomery, R. A.
3 Danger in the Desert (1989); By Balloon to the Sahara (1979) Terman, Douglas
4 Space and Beyond Montgomery, R. A.
5 Curse of the Haunted Mansion, The (1989); Mystery of Chimney Rock, The (1980) Packard, Edward
6 Spy Trap (1989); Your Code Name is Jonah (1980) Packard, Edward
7 Message From Space (1989); Third Planet From Altair, The (1979) Packard, Edward
8 Deadwood City Packard, Edward
9 Who Killed Harlowe Thrombey? Packard, Edward
10 Lost Jewels of Nabooti, The Montgomery, R. A.
11 Mystery of the Maya Montgomery, R. A.
12 Inside UFO 54-40 Packard, Edward
13 Abominable Snowman, The Montgomery, R. A.
14 Forbidden Castle, The Packard, Edward
15 House of Danger Montgomery, R. A.
16 Survival at Sea Packard, Edward
17 Race Forever, The Montgomery, R. A.
18 Underground Kingdom Packard, Edward
19 Secret of the Pyramids Brightfield, Richard
20 Escape Brightfield, Richard
21 Hyperspace Packard, Edward
22 Space Patrol Goodman, Julius
23 Lost Tribe, The Foley, Louise Munro
24 Lost on the Amazon Montgomery, R. A.
25 Prisoner of the Ant People Montgomery, R. A.
26 Phantom Submarine, The Brightfield, Richard
27 Horror of High Ridge, The Goodman, Julius
28 Mountain Survival Packard, Edward
29 Trouble on Planet Earth Montgomery, R. A.
30 Curse of Batterslea Hall, The Brightfield, Richard
31 Vampire Express Koltz, Tony
32 Treasure Diver Goodman, Julius
33 Dragon's Den, The Brightfield, Richard
34 Mystery of the Highland Crest, The Foley, Louise Munro
35 Journey to Stonehenge Graver, Fred
36 Secret Treasure of Tibet, The Brightfield, Richard
37 War With the Evil Power Master Montgomery, R. A.
38 Sabotage Leibold, Jay
39 Supercomputer Packard, Edward
40 Throne of Zeus, The Goodman, Deborah Lerme
41 Search for the Mountain Gorillas Wallace, Jim
42 Mystery of Echo Lodge, The Foley, Louise Munro
43 Grand Canyon Odyssey Leibold, Jay
44 Mystery of Ura Senke, The Gilligan, Shannon
45 You Are a Shark Packard, Edward
46 Deadly Shadow, The Brightfield, Richard
47 Outlaws of Sherwood Forest Kushner, Ellen
48 Spy For George Washington Leibold, Jay
49 Danger at Anchor Mine Foley, Louise Munro
50 Return to the Cave of Time Packard, Edward
51 Magic of the Unicorn, The Goodman, Deborah Lerme
52 Ghost Hunter Packard, Edward
53 Case of the Silk King, The Gilligan, Shannon
54 Forest Of Fear Foley, Louise Munro
55 Trumpet of Terror, The Goodman, Julius
56 Enchanted Kingdom, The Kushner, Ellen
57 Antimatter Formula, The Leibold, Jay
58 Statue of Liberty Adventure Kushner, Ellen
59 Terror Island Koltz, Tony
60 Vanished! Goodman, Deborah Lerme
61 Beyond Escape! Montgomery, R. A.
62 Sugarcane Island Packard, Edward
63 Mystery of the Secret Room Kushner, Ellen
64 Volcano! Siegman, Meryl
65 Mardi Gras Mystery, The Foley, Louise Munro
66 Secret of the Ninja Leibold, Jay
67 Seaside Mystery Hodgman, Ann
68 Secret of the Sun God Packard, Andrea
69 Rock and Roll Mystery Wallace, Jim
70 Invaders of Planet Earth Brightfield, Richard
71 Space Vampire Packard, Edward
72 Brilliant Dr. Wogan, The Montgomery, R. A.
73 Beyond the Great Wall Leibold, Jay
74 Longhorn Territory Newman, Marc
75 Planet of Dragons Brightfield, Richard
76 Mona Lisa is Missing!, The Montgomery, Ramsey
77 First Olympics, The Baglio, Ben M.
78 Return to Atlantis Montgomery, R. A.
79 Mystery of the Sacred Stones Foley, Louise Munro
80 Perfect Planet, The Packard, Edward
81 Terror in Australia Gilligan, Shannon
82 Hurricane! Brightfield, Richard
83 Track of the Bear Montgomery, R. A.
84 You Are a Monster Packard, Edward
85 Inca Gold Becket, Jim
86 Knights of the Round Table Kushner, Ellen
87 Exiled to Earth Montgomery, R. A.
88 Master of Kung Fu Brightfield, Richard
89 South Pole Sabotage Johnson, Seddon
90 Mutiny in Space Packard, Edward
91 You Are a Superstar Packard, Edward
92 Return of the Ninja Leibold, Jay
93 Captive! Hampton, Bill
94 Blood on the Handle Montgomery, R. A.
95 You Are a Genius Packard, Edward
96 Stock Car Champion Montgomery, R. A.
97 Through the Black Hole Packard, Edward
98 You Are a Millionaire Leibold, Jay
99 Revenge of the Russian Ghost Leibold, Jay
100 Worst Day of Your Life, The Packard, Edward