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Juvenile Series and Sequels


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Subjects: Horses

# Book Title Author
Changing Times (Tennessee Walking Horse) Felder, Deborah G.
Christmas in Silver Lake (Clydesdale) Hubbard, Coleen
Colorado Summer (Paint) Bograd, Larry
Flying Angels, The (Andalusian) Hubbard, Coleen
Horse for Hannah, A (English Hackney) Hubbard, Coleen
Kate's Secret Plan (Quarter Horse) Saunders, Susan
Louisana Blue (American Saddlebred) Hubbard, Coleen
Pretty Lady of Saratoga (Thoroughbred) Felder, Deborah G.
Pride of the Green Mountains (Morgan) Baker, Carin Greenberg
Ride of Courage (Arabian) Felder, Deborah G.
Riding School Rivals (Lipizzan) Saunders, Susan
Rush for Gold (Palomino) Hubbard, Coleen
Spirit of the West (Appaloosa) Malcolm, Jahnna N.
Stallion of Box Canyon (Wild Mustang) Malcolm, Jahnna N.