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Juvenile Series and Sequels


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Subjects: X-Men

# Book Title Author
Beauty and the Beast Mantell, Paul
Brotherhood of Monsters, The Sudduth, Brent H
Cyclops and Phoenix Mantell, Paul
Days of Future Past Kamida, Vicki
Enter Magneto Weiner, Eric
Enter the X-Men Severin, Marie
Experiment on Muir Island Mantell, Paul
Gambit and the Shadow King Hughes, Francine
Havok: The Secret of Cyclops' Brother Hughes, Francine
Masquerade Fontes, Ron
Meet the X-Men Hibbert, Clare
Second Genesis Mantell, Paul
Slaves of Genosha, The Mantell, Paul
Spellbound Thomas, Jim K.
Upstarts Uprising Clark, Catherine
Wedding of Jean and Cyclops, The Mantell, Paul
Wolverine: Duty and Honor Hughes, Francine
Wolverine: Top Secret Herman, Gail
X-Men in the Savage Land Mantell, Paul
X-Men School, The Teitelbaum, Michael
X-Men Ultimate Picture Book Duey, Kathleen
X-tinction Agenda Kamida, Vicki
Xavier Files, The Korman, Justine
Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters