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Juvenile Series and Sequels


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Subjects: Historical Fiction, Christian Fiction

# Book Title Author
1 Mayflower Adventure, The Reece, Colleen L.
2 Plymouth Pioneers Reece, Colleen L.
3 Dream Seekers Lough, Loree
4 Fire by Night Lough, Loree
5 Queen Anne's War Grote, JoAnn A.
6 Danger in the Harbor Grote, JoAnn A.
7 Smallpox Strikes! Lutz, Norma Jean
8 Maggie's Choice Lutz, Norma Jean
9 Boston Revolts! Miller, Susan Martins
10 Boston Massacre, The Miller, Susan Martins
11 American Revolution, The Grote, JoAnn A.
12 American Victory, The Grote, JoAnn A.
13 Adventure in the Wilderness Jones, Veda Boyd
14 Earthquake in Cincinnati Hinman, Bonnie
15 Trouble on the Ohio River Lutz, Norma Jean
16 Escape from Slavery Lutz, Norma Jean
17 Cincinnati Epidemic Jones, Veda Boyd
18 Riot in the Night Hinman, Bonnie
19 Fight for Freedom Lutz, Norma Jean
20 Enemy or Friend? Lutz, Norma Jean
21 Danger on the Railroad Miller, Susan Martins
22 Time for Battle Miller, Susan Martins
23 Rebel Spy, The Lutz, Norma Jean
24 War's End Lutz, Norma Jean
25 Centennial Celebration Grote, JoAnn A.
26 Great Mill Explosion, The Grote, JoAnn A.
27 Lights for Minneapolis Miller, Susan Martins
28 Streetcar Riots, The Miller, Susan Martins
29 Chicago World's Fair Grote, JoAnn A.
30 Better Bicycle, A Lutz, Norma Jean
31 New Citizen, The Jones, Veda Boyd
32 San Francisco Earthquake, The Hinman, Bonnie
33 Marching with Sousa Lutz, Norma Jean
34 Clash with the Newsboys Lutz, Norma Jean
35 Prelude to War Lutz, Norma Jean
36 Great War, The Lutz, Norma Jean
37 Flu Epidemic, The Grote, JoAnn A.
38 Women Win the Vote Grote, JoAnn A.
39 Battling the Klan Lutz, Norma Jean
40 Bootlegger Menace, The Hinman, Bonnie
41 Black Tuesday Grote, JoAnn A.
42 Great Depression, The Grote, JoAnn A.
43 Starting Over Miller, Susan Martins
44 Changing Times Miller, Susan Martins
45 Rumblings of War Lutz, Norma Jean
46 War Strikes Lutz, Norma Jean
47 Home Front, The Hinman, Bonnie
48 Coming Home Jones, Veda Boyd