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Juvenile Series and Sequels


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Subjects: Mary-Kate and Ashley, Television Program and Movie Novels, Mystery and Detective Stories

# Book Title Author
1 Case of the 202 Clues, The Alexander, Nina
2 Case of the Ballet Bandit, The O'Neil, Laura
3 Case of the Blue-Ribbon Horse, The Swobud, I. K.
4 Case of the Haunted Camp, The Alexander, Nina
5 Case of the Wild Wolf River, The Katschke, Judy
6 Case of the Rock and Roll Mystery, The Eisenberg, Lisa
7 Case of the Missing Mummy, The Lantz, Francess Lin
8 Case of the Surprise Call, The Metz, Melinda
9 Case of the Disappearing Princess, The Eisenberg, Lisa
10 Case of the Great Elephant Escape, The Doolittle, June
11 Case of the Summer Camp Caper, The Katschke, Judy
12 Case of the Surfing Secret, The Dubowski, Cathy East
13 Case of the Green Ghost, The Ellis, Carol
14 Case of the Big Scare Mountain Mystery, The Ellis, Carol
15 Case of the Slam Dunk Mystery, The Dubowski, Cathy East
16 Case of the Rock Star's Secret, The Metz, Melinda
17 Case of the Cheerleading Camp Mystery, The Fiedler, Lisa
18 Case of the Flying Phantom, The Metz, Melinda
19 Case of the Creepy Castle, The Katschke, Judy
20 Case of the Golden Slipper, The Metz, Melinda
21 Case of the Flapper 'Napper, The Katschke, Judy
22 Case of the High Seas Secret, The Leonhardt, Alice
23 Case of the Logical I Ranch, The Preiss, Pauline
24 Case of the Dog Camp Mystery, The Katschke, Judy
25 Case of the Screaming Scarecrow, The Katschke, Judy
26 Case of the Jingle Bell Jinx, The Leonhardt, Alice
27 Case of the Game Show Mystery, The Thomas, Jim K.
28 Case of the Mall Mystery, The Leonhardt, Alice
29 Case of the Weird Science Mystery, The Katschke, Judy
30 Case of Camp Crooked Lake, The Ellis, Carol
31 Case of the Giggling Ghost, The Metz, Melinda
32 Case of the Candy Cane Clue, The Katschke, Judy
33 Case of the Hollywood Who-Done-It, The Metz, Melinda
34 Case of the Sundae Surprise Metz, Melinda
35 Case of Clue's Circus Caper, The Katschke, Judy
36 Case of Camp Pom-Pom, The Alexander, Heather
37 Case of the Tattooed Cat, The Alexander, Heather
38 Case of the Nutcracker Ballet, The Stine, Megan
39 Case of the Clue at the Zoo, The Katschke, Judy
40 Case of the Easter Egg Race, The Alexander, Heather
41 Case of the Dog Show Mystery, The Metz, Melinda
42 Case of the Cheerleading Tattletale, The Carrol, Jacqueline
43 Case of the Haunted Maze, The Kaye, Marilyn
44 Case of the Hidden Holiday Riddle, The Waricha, Jean
45 Case of the Icy Igloo Inn, The Katschke, Judy
46 Case of the Unicorn Mystery, The Alexander, Heather