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Juvenile Series and Sequels


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Subjects: Time Travel, Juvenile Easy Reading

# Book Title Author
Apple Pie with Amelia Earhart Steinkraus, Kyla
Brownies with Benjamin Franklin Anderson, Jessica Lee
Cake Pops with Rosa Parks Steinkraus, Kyla
Cheesecake with Frederick Douglass Steinkraus, Kyla
Cherry Pie with Daisy Bates Steinkraus, Kyla
Cookies with Clara Barton Steinkraus, Kyla
Cupcakes with Sally Ride Steinkraus, Kyla
Dessert with Daniel Boone Steinkraus, Kyla
Doughnuts with Francis Scott Key Everett, Reese
Gingerbread with Abigail Adams Everett, Reese
Ice Cream with Albert Einstein Everett, Reese
Ice Pops with Roberto Clemente Anderson, Jessica Lee
Milkshakes with Maria Mitchell Anderson, Jessica Lee
Pastries with Pocahontas Steinkraus, Kyla
Pumpkin Pie with Helen Keller Anderson, Jessica Lee
Strudels with Susan B. Anthony Steinkraus, Kyla
Sundaes with Harriet Tubman Steinkraus, Kyla
Toffee with Thomas Edison Steinkraus, Kyla