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Juvenile Series and Sequels


Subject: Wizards

Beyonders (3) Juvenile
Black Clover (18) Young Adult
Familiars, The (4) Juvenile
Harley Merlin (14) Young Adult
Harry Potter (8) Juvenile and Young Adult
Heart of Thorns (2) Young Adult
Heir Chronicles, The (5) Young Adult
Lily (Webb, Holly) (4) Young Adult
Magic Thief, The (4) Juvenile
Magic Under Glass (2) Young Adult
Merlin Saga, The (12) Juvenile
Oliver Moon, Junior Wizard (12) Juvenile Easy
Oona Crate Mystery (3) Juvenile
Resurrection of Magic, A (2) Young Adult
Rondo (3) Juvenile
Seven Stars Trilogy, The (3) Young Adult
Slayers (8) Young Adult
TodHunter Moon (3) Juvenile
Wandmaker (2) Juvenile
Windy City Magic (3) Juvenile
Winter (3) Juvenile
Wizard for Hire (3) Juvenile
Young Wizards (10) Young Adult