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Juvenile Series and Sequels


Subject: Time Travel

Time Dogs (4) Juvenile Easy
Time Hop Sweets Shop (18) Juvenile Easy
Time Jumpers (4) Juvenile Easy
Time Machine (24) Juvenile
Time Navigators (3) Juvenile
Time of Death (6) Young Adult
Time Soldiers (7) Juvenile
Time Spies (10) Juvenile
Time Thriller Trilogy (3) Young Adult
Time Travel Mystery (4) Juvenile Easy
Time Travel Quartet (4) Young Adult
Time Twisters (4) Juvenile Easy
Time Warp Trio (16) Juvenile
Time-Traveling Twins (3) Juvenile Easy
Time-Tripper (2) Juvenile
TimeFlyz (6) Juvenile
TimeJumpers (3) Young Adult
TimeRiders (9) Young Adult
Timetripper (4) Young Adult
Treasure Chest (10) Juvenile
Viking, The (4) Young Adult
W.A.R.P. (3) Young Adult
Whole Nother Story (2) Juvenile