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Juvenile Series and Sequels


Juvenile Series and Sequels service is being discontinued

Mid-Continent Public Library will no longer provide this service after October 2, 2023. For other potential resources, please read this blog post or consider If you are from another library and wish to explore providing this service, please contact Library Systems Manager Nathan Wittmaier at

Subject: Superheroes

Justice League Unlimited (4) Young Adult
Kid Kosmos (2) Juvenile
Kid Normal (4) Juvenile
Kitty (Harrison, Paula) (5) Juvenile Easy
Kung Pow Chicken (4) Juvenile Easy
Larfleeze - The New 52! (2) Young Adult
LEGO Batman (8) Juvenile Easy
LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes (6) Juvenile Easy
Lois Lane (3) Young Adult
Love and Capes (3) Young Adult
Lucia the Luchadora (2) Juvenile Easy
Marvel Adventures Hulk (4) Young Adult
Mia Mayhem (10) Juvenile Easy
Michael Vey (7) Young Adult
Mighty Captain Marvel (3) Young Adult
Mighty Meg (4) Juvenile Easy
Miles Morales (2) Young Adult
Ms. Marvel (10) Young Adult
My Hero Academia (24) Young Adult
Mysticons (4) Juvenile
Mythics, The (2) Juvenile
Nemesis (Daniels, April) (2) Young Adult
New Avengers (13) Young Adult
New Exiles (4) Young Adult
New Mutants (7) Young Adult
Nightwing - The New 52! (5) Young Adult
One-Punch Man (20) Young Adult
Peter Powers (8) Juvenile
PJ Masks (8 x 8 Books) (14) Juvenile Easy
PJ Masks (Board Books) (8) Juvenile Easy
PJ Masks (Readers) (13) Juvenile Easy
Power Lunch (2) Juvenile
Power Rangers (6) Juvenile Easy
Power Rangers Jungle Fury (4) Juvenile Easy
Power Rangers Megaforce (3) Juvenile Easy
Power Rangers Mystic Force (4) Juvenile Easy
Power Rangers Ninja Storm (3) Juvenile Easy
Power Rangers Samurai (6) Juvenile Easy
Press Start! (10) Juvenile Easy
Princess Truly (Readers) (3) Juvenile Easy
Ravagers - The New 52! (2) Young Adult
Renegades (3) Young Adult
Secret Hero Society (5) Juvenile
Shazam! (2) Juvenile Easy
Sidekicked (2) Juvenile
Sidequick Squad (3) Young Adult
Silk (4) Young Adult
Spider-Girl (12) Young Adult
StormWatch - The New 52! (4) Young Adult
Story Thieves (5) Juvenile
Super Ace (4) Juvenile Easy
Super Fly (4) Juvenile Easy
Super Human (4) Young Adult
Super Manny (2) Juvenile Easy
Super Sidekicks (3) Juvenile
Super Sons (3) Juvenile
Super Turbo (9) Juvenile Easy
Superboy - New New 52! (5) Young Adult
Supergirl (4) Young Adult
Supergirl - The New 52! (6) Young Adult
Superman - The New 52! (5) Young Adult
Superman Adventures (4) Young Adult
Talon - The New 52! (2) Young Adult
Team Hero (16) Juvenile Easy
Teen Titans (15) Young Adult
Teen Titans (Chapter Books) (4) Juvenile Easy
Teen Titans GO! (Readers) (9) Juvenile Easy