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Juvenile Series and Sequels


Subject: Sports Fiction

Soccer Stars (8) Juvenile
South Side Sports (2) Young Adult
Southside Sluggers (4) Juvenile
Spirit of the Game (8) Young Adult
Sports Beat (6) Juvenile and Young Adult
Sports Mysteries (4) Juvenile
Streetball Crew (3) Juvenile
Super Hoops (15) Juvenile
Super Sluggers (4) Juvenile
Swim Team (3) Juvenile
Take It to the Xtreme (8) Young Adult
Team Dungy (3) Juvenile Easy
Team Jake Maddox (10) Juvenile
Teammates (10) Young Adult
Topps League Story (6) Juvenile
Track (4) Juvenile
Triple Threat (3) Juvenile
Ultraball (2) Juvenile
Willy the Scrub (4) Juvenile Easy
Winners (4) Juvenile
Winning Season (10) Juvenile
Wizenard (2) Juvenile
Wolfbay Wings (12) Juvenile
Xtreme Mysteries (8) Juvenile
Zach and Zoe Mysteries (7) Juvenile Easy