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Juvenile Series and Sequels


Subject: Schools

18 Pine Street (12) Young Adult
A is for Elizabeth (4) Juvenile Easy
A-List, The (10) Young Adult
Ability, The (2) Young Adult
Absolutely Alfie (4) Juvenile
Adam Canfield (3) Young Adult
After-School Superstars (3) Juvenile Easy
Agatha Parrot (6) Juvenile Easy
Alec London (5) Juvenile
Alice (25) Juvenile and Young Adult
Alien in My Pocket (8) Juvenile Easy
Almost Identical (4) Juvenile
Aloha Cove (8) Young Adult
Also Known As (2) Young Adult
Alternative, The (5) Young Adult
Amanda Project, The (4) Young Adult
Amber Brown (12) Juvenile
Amy's Diary (4) Young Adult
Andy Shane (6) Juvenile Easy
Angel Eyes Trilogy (3) Young Adult
Annabelle Unleashed (5) Juvenile
Applegeeks (2) Young Adult
Appleville Elementary (4) Juvenile Easy
As Red as Blood Trilogy (3) Young Adult
Ask Emma (3) Juvenile
Asterisk War, The (11) Young Adult
Avalon High Coronation (3) Young Adult
Avrakedavra (2) Young Adult
Awkward (2) Juvenile
B. Y. Times (18) Juvenile
Bad Girls Don't Die (3) Young Adult
Bad Kids in 4B (4) Juvenile
Bailey (2) Juvenile Easy
Ballet School (2) Juvenile
Battle of Jericho, The (3) Young Adult
Bedeviled (3) Juvenile
Beep and Bob (4) Juvenile Easy
Belles (Calonita, Jen) (3) Young Adult
Ben Braver (3) Juvenile
Benjy (3) Juvenile
Bessica Lefter (2) Juvenile
Best Enemies (3) Juvenile
Beverly Hills, 90210 (13) Juvenile
Big Idea Gang (3) Juvenile Easy
Big Nate (8) Juvenile
Big Splash, The (2) Young Adult
Binder of Doom, The (4) Juvenile Easy
Bite Me! (2) Young Adult
Blabber Mouth (3) Juvenile
Black Hollow Lane (2) Juvenile
Black Lagoon (18) Juvenile Easy
Black Lagoon Adventures (33) Juvenile Easy
Bluford (20) Young Adult
Bobby (Yee, Lisa) (2) Juvenile
Bookish Boyfriends (3) Young Adult
Border Town (4) Young Adult
Boy Nobody (3) Juvenile Easy
Boy Seeking Band (4) Juvenile
Bradford Novels (2) Juvenile Easy
Brendan Buckley (2) Juvenile
Burn for Burn (3) Young Adult
California Diaries (15) Young Adult
Cambion Chronicles, The (3) Young Adult
Camelot Code, The (2) Juvenile
Cap Central (6) Juvenile Easy