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Juvenile Series and Sequels


Subject: Monsters

13th Street (4) Juvenile Easy
Accidental Monsters (4) Juvenile
All These Monsters (2) Young Adult
Angelfire (4) Young Adult
Beasts Made of Night (2) Young Adult
Billy Clikk (2) Juvenile
Binder of Doom, The (4) Juvenile Easy
Black Bullet (7) Young Adult
Case File 13 (4) Juvenile
Class (3) Young Adult
Devil's Engine, The (3) Young Adult
Devouring Gray, The (2) Young Adult
Effigies, The (3) Young Adult
Falcon Quinn (2) Juvenile
Foundling's Tale, The (3) Young Adult
Goolz Next Door (2) Juvenile
Grey Griffins (3) Juvenile
Grisha Trilogy, The (3) Young Adult
Hazy Fables (2) Juvenile
Heart of Thorns (3) Young Adult
Hotel Transylvania (3) Juvenile
Hunter (3) Young Adult
Jellaby (2) Juvenile
Jeremy Draws a Monster (2) Juvenile Easy
Junior Monster Scouts (4) Juvenile Easy
Killer Pizza (3) Juvenile
Killer Species (4) Juvenile
Luck Uglies (3) Juvenile
Market of Monsters (3) Young Adult
Midnight Hour (2) Juvenile
Monster and Boy (2) Juvenile Easy
Monster Blood Tattoo (3) Young Adult
Monster High (8 x 8 Books) (3) Juvenile Easy
Monster High (Readers) (3) Juvenile Easy
Monster Juice (6) Juvenile
Monster Manor (8) Juvenile
Monster on the Loose, A (4) Juvenile Easy
Monster Squad (4) Juvenile
Monster Stories (6) Juvenile Easy
Monsterrific Tales (6) Juvenile
Monsters of Verity (2) Young Adult
Monsters Under the Bed (14) Juvenile Easy
Monsters Unleashed (2) Juvenile
Monstertown Mystery (3) Juvenile
Monstrum House (4) Juvenile
Monstrumologist (4) Young Adult
Name of the Blade, The (3) Young Adult
Nightsiders, The (2) Juvenile
Notebook of Doom, The (13) Juvenile Easy
Only Living Girl, The (2) Young Adult
Princess in Black, The (8) Juvenile Easy
Robyn Silver (2) Juvenile
Ruffen (2) Juvenile Easy
Samantha Slade (4) Juvenile