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Juvenile Series and Sequels


Subject: Mermaids and Mermen

Above World (3) Juvenile
Bad Mermaids (3) Juvenile
Daughters of the Sea (4) Young Adult
Elemental Origins (9) Young Adult
Emily Windsnap (9) Juvenile
Fins (3) Young Adult
Gillbert (3) Juvenile
Ingo (2) Young Adult
Lies Beneath (3) Young Adult
Lost Voices Trilogy (3) Young Adult
Mer Tales (3) Young Adult
Mermaid Kingdom (8) Juvenile
Mermaid Mysteries (4) Juvenile Easy
Mermaid Rock (4) Juvenile
Mermaid S.O.S. (12) Juvenile
Mermaid School (3) Juvenile
Mermaid Tales (20) Juvenile Easy
Mermaids to the Rescue (4) Juvenile Easy
Purrmaids (9) Juvenile Easy
Real Mermaids (4) Young Adult
Syrena Legacy (3) Young Adult
Third Grade Mermaid (2) Juvenile Easy
Thora (2) Juvenile
Undersea Mystery Club (3) Juvenile Easy
Vicious Deep (3) Young Adult
Waterfire Saga (4) Young Adult
World of Aluvia (3) Young Adult