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Juvenile Series and Sequels


Subject: Historical Fiction

Great Episodes (27) Young Adult
Great Escapes (4) Juvenile
Hattie Big Sky (2) Young Adult
Her Story (12) Juvenile
Heroes Quartet (3) Juvenile
Historical Tales (8) Juvenile
History's Kid Heroes (14) Juvenile
Hitty's Travels (4) Juvenile
Horrors of History (4) Juvenile
I Am America (4) Juvenile
I Witness (Avi) (2) Juvenile
Ike and Mama (5) Juvenile
In My Own Words (8) Juvenile
Island Trilogy (3) Young Adult
Journey to America (3) Juvenile
Julian Escobar (3) Juvenile
Klondike Kid (3) Juvenile Easy
Lacey Chronicles (3) Young Adult
Lady Helen (3) Young Adult
Liberty Letters (4) Young Adult
Liberty's Kids (4) Juvenile
Life and Times (3) Juvenile
Little Women (4) Juvenile
Logan Family (10) Juvenile
Lone Star Heroines (4) Juvenile
Lone Star Heroes (3) Juvenile
Lone Star Journals (3) Juvenile
Lost (4) Juvenile
Luxe, The (4) Young Adult
Lyon Saga (5) Young Adult
Maids of Honor (3) Juvenile Easy
Mark of the Thief (3) Young Adult
My America (21) Juvenile
My American Journey (10) Juvenile
My Lady Janies (3) Young Adult
My Name is America (19) Juvenile
Mysteries in Time (12) Juvenile
Obadiah (4) Juvenile Easy
On My Own History (30) Juvenile Easy
On Time's Wing (12) Young Adult
Once Upon America (19) Juvenile
Orca Young Readers (80) Juvenile
Order of Darkness (4) Young Adult
Palace of Spies (3) Young Adult
Platt Family (3) Young Adult
Plot to Kill Hitler (3) Juvenile
President and Me (3) Juvenile
Princesses of Myth (8) Young Adult
Promise of Zion (6) Young Adult
Quilt Trilogy (3) Young Adult
Rachel Resistance (3) Juvenile
Ranger in Time (13) Juvenile
Rebel Girls (5) Juvenile
Red Necklace (2) Young Adult
Rinko (3) Juvenile
Road to Avonlea (29) Juvenile
Roman Mysteries (12) Juvenile
Rosie (3) Juvenile
Royal Diaries (20) Juvenile
Rush Revere (5) Juvenile
Scrapbooks of America (12) Juvenile
Scraps of Time (4) Juvenile
Seeds of America (3) Juvenile
Sisters in Time (24) Juvenile
Sixties Trilogy (3) Juvenile
StarPassage (3) Young Adult
Stone Book Quartet (4) Juvenile
Stories of the States (11) Juvenile
Stuart Quartet (4) Young Adult
Survival! (11) Juvenile
Survivors (6) Juvenile
Tails from History (6) Juvenile and Young Adult
Tales of the Old West (4) Juvenile Easy
Tales of the RAF (6) Juvenile
Tales of Young Americans (20) Juvenile Easy
Tangled in Time (2) Juvenile
Time Travelers (2) Juvenile
Titanic (3) Juvenile
Trail of Thread (3) Young Adult
Trailblazer Books (40) Juvenile