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Juvenile Series and Sequels


Juvenile Series and Sequels service is being discontinued

Mid-Continent Public Library will no longer provide this service after October 2, 2023. For other potential resources, please read this blog post or consider If you are from another library and wish to explore providing this service, please contact Library Systems Manager Nathan Wittmaier at

Subject: Historical Fiction

Adam Pelko (3) Young Adult
Adventures in America (11) Juvenile
Adventures in Time (15) Juvenile
Alex & Eliza (3) Young Adult
American Adventure (48) Juvenile
American Adventures (6) Juvenile
American Diaries (19) Juvenile
American Quilts (4) Juvenile
American Sisters (9) Juvenile
Anna (Kerr, Judith) (3) Juvenile
Arabus Family Saga (3) Juvenile
At Somerton (3) Young Adult
At the Heels of History (3) Juvenile Easy
At the Sign of the Star (2) Young Adult
Bareknuckle (6) Young Adult
Ben and Zack (4) Juvenile
Between Two Flags (6) Juvenile
Blood of Gods and Royals (4) Young Adult
Bonnets and Bugles (10) Juvenile
Brave Kids (3) Juvenile Easy
Century Kids (10) Juvenile
Children of America (3) Juvenile
Children of Colorado (4) Juvenile Easy
Crispin (3) Juvenile
Crogan Adventures (3) Young Adult
Dear America (43) Juvenile
Dear Levi (2) Juvenile
Dog Chronicles (4) Juvenile
Doll Hospital (6) Juvenile
Dreamer, The (3) Young Adult
Drums of War (3) Juvenile
Drumshee Chronicles (4) Juvenile
Edge of the Sword (2) Young Adult
Ellis Island (3) Juvenile
Enchantée (2) Young Adult
Family Heritage Series (6) Juvenile Easy
Faraway Island (2) Juvenile
Flags of War (2) Young Adult
Flambards (4) Juvenile
Flame in the Mist (2) Young Adult
Flappers, The (3) Young Adult
Friendship Dolls (3) Juvenile
Gathering of Days (3) Young Adult
Girlhood Journeys (13) Juvenile
Girls of Many Lands (8) Juvenile
Girls Survive (20) Juvenile
Gordy (3) Juvenile
Graphic Flash (19) Juvenile