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Juvenile Series and Sequels


Subject: Frontier and Pioneer Life

Aiken Family (3) Juvenile
American Quilts (4) Juvenile
Arthur (Coren, Alan) (10) Juvenile
Bains, The (9) Juvenile
Beserker (2) Young Adult
Boston Jane (3) Juvenile
Brides of Wildcat County (5) Young Adult
Classics for Girls (6) Young Adult
Cobtown (6) Juvenile Easy
Dino Riders (6) Juvenile
Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman (2) Young Adult
From Many Peoples (5) Juvenile
Golly Sisters (3) Juvenile Easy
Hannah (5) Juvenile
Hattie Big Sky (2) Young Adult
Island Trilogy (3) Young Adult
Jason's Gold (2) Juvenile Easy
Lemon Tree Series (3) Juvenile
Little House (9) Juvenile
Little Obie (2) Juvenile
Long Way to a New Land (3) Juvenile Easy
May Amelia (2) Juvenile
My First Little House Books (23) Juvenile Easy
Oregon Trail (8) Juvenile
Orphans' Journey (4) Juvenile
Petticoat Party (4) Juvenile
Pioneer Daughters (3) Juvenile
Prairie River (4) Young Adult
Prairie Skies (3) Juvenile
Sadie Rose Adventure (11) Juvenile
Sarah's Journey (5) Juvenile
Scrapper John (3) Juvenile
Tales of the Old West (4) Juvenile Easy
Trail of Thread (3) Young Adult
Tucket Adventures (5) Young Adult
Vengeance Road (2) Young Adult
Weasel (2) Juvenile