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Juvenile Series and Sequels


Subject: Fantasy

Kingdom of Wrenly (15) Juvenile
Kingdom on Fire (3) Young Adult
Kitten Kingdom (4) Juvenile Easy
Klaatu Diskos (3) Young Adult
Knight and Rogue Novels (3) Young Adult
Knightscares (8) Juvenile
Knots (2) Young Adult
Korgi (4) Juvenile
Kronos Chronicles (3) Juvenile
Krystal Ball (4) Juvenile
Kulipari (3) Juvenile
Lament (2) Young Adult
Land of Elyon (5) Juvenile
Land of Roar (2) Juvenile
Land's Tale (2) Juvenile
Landon Snow (5) Juvenile
Last Descendants Trilogy (3) Young Adult
Last Dragon Charmer (3) Juvenile
Last Dragon Chronicles (7) Young Adult
Last Firehawk (10) Juvenile Easy
Last Hours (3) Young Adult
Last Magician (3) Young Adult
Last Star Burning (3) Young Adult
Laws of Magic (6) Juvenile
Legacy of Orisha (2) Young Adult
Legacy of Tril (2) Young Adult
Legend of Zelda (10) Juvenile
Legends (5) Juvenile
Legends of Orkney (3) Juvenile
Legendtopia (2) Juvenile
Lenora and Coren (4) Young Adult
Leven Thumps (5) Juvenile
Library of Doom (12) Juvenile Easy
Library of Ever (2) Juvenile
Libyrinth Trilogy (3) Juvenile
Light as a Feather (3) Young Adult
Lily (Webb, Holly) (4) Young Adult
Lily Quench (7) Juvenile
Little Animal Rescue (4) Juvenile Easy
Little Fur (4) Juvenile
Little Legends (6) Juvenile Easy
Littles, The (13) Juvenile
Littles, The (Readers) (12) Juvenile Easy
Longburrow (3) Juvenile
Looking Glass Wars (3) Young Adult
Looniverse (4) Juvenile Easy
Lord of the Rings (3) Young Adult
Lost Chronicles (7) Juvenile
Lost Rainforest (3) Juvenile
Lost Voices Trilogy (3) Young Adult
Lowthar's Blade (3) Juvenile
Lulu Baker Trilogy (3) Juvenile
Lumatere Chronicles (3) Young Adult
Lyonesse (2) Juvenile
Maggie Malone (3) Juvenile
Magic Animal Rescue (4) Juvenile
Magic Books (6) Juvenile
Magic Door Series (2) Juvenile Easy
Magic Moscow (4) Juvenile
Magic Most Foul (2) Young Adult
Magic on the Map (4) Juvenile Easy
Magic or Not? (2) Juvenile
Magic Pony (7) Juvenile
Magic School Bus (24) Juvenile
Magic School Bus (Readers) (9) Juvenile Easy
Magic Series (4) Juvenile
Magic Shop Books (5) Juvenile
Magic Thief (4) Juvenile
Magic Tree House (35) Juvenile Easy
Magic Under Glass (2) Young Adult