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Juvenile Series and Sequels


Subject: Clubs

Always Friends Club (8) Juvenile
Banana Bunch (2) Juvenile Easy
China Tate (7) Juvenile
Club CSI (6) Juvenile
Critter Club (22) Juvenile Easy
Cupcake Club (12) Juvenile
Friendship Bracelet (2) Juvenile
Friendship Garden (6) Juvenile Easy
Geeked Out (2) Juvenile
Girls of Avenue Z (4) Young Adult
Girls Who Code (4) Juvenile
Go Girl! (12) Juvenile Easy
Here Come the Brownies (12) Juvenile Easy
Kindness Club (2) Juvenile
Lucy McGee (4) Juvenile
Mimi's World (2) Juvenile Easy
MVP, Most Valuable Players (4) Juvenile Easy
Pee Wee Scouts (40) Juvenile Easy
Pet Lovers Club (3) Juvenile
Pet Rescue Club (5) Juvenile
Petsitters Club (10) Juvenile Easy
Petsitters Club - Specials (2) Juvenile Easy
Qwikpick Papers (3) Juvenile
Ruby Starr (3) Juvenile
Rugendo Rhinos (9) Juvenile
Science Squad (6) Juvenile
Secret Cookie Club (3) Juvenile
Secret Keeper Girl (4) Juvenile
Secret Knock Club (3) Juvenile
Secret Recipe Book (2) Juvenile
Sleepover Club (55) Juvenile
Small Potatoes Club (6) Juvenile Easy
Stinky Boys Club (4) Juvenile Easy
Sunny Street Kids' Club (4) Juvenile Easy
Unicorn Club (22) Young Adult
Werewolf Club (5) Juvenile