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Juvenile Series and Sequels


Juvenile Series and Sequels service is being discontinued

Mid-Continent Public Library will no longer provide this service after October 2, 2023. For other potential resources, please read this blog post or consider If you are from another library and wish to explore providing this service, please contact Library Systems Manager Nathan Wittmaier at

Subject: Animals

Adventures of Riley (12) Juvenile Easy
Albert (8) Juvenile Easy
Animal Antics A to Z (26) Juvenile Easy
Animal Ark (57) Juvenile
Animal Ark Pets (17) Juvenile
Animal Ark Specials (1) Juvenile
Animal Emergency (10) Juvenile
Animal Jam (4) Juvenile
Animal Planet Adventures (4) Juvenile Easy
Animal Stars (6) Juvenile
Animal Stories (36) Juvenile
Animal Tales (4) Juvenile
Anna & Froga (5) Juvenile
Arnie (4) Juvenile Easy
Baby Animals (8) Juvenile Easy
Bad Guys (12) Juvenile
Bed & Biscuit (3) Juvenile
Bedtime Story-Books (20) Juvenile
Bill and Pete (3) Juvenile Easy
Bizarre Beast Battles (12) Juvenile
But Not the... (2) Juvenile Easy
Chester Cricket (7) Juvenile
Creature Keepers (4) Juvenile
Critter Club (22) Juvenile Easy
Daisy Dawson (5) Juvenile
Darkmouth (4) Juvenile
Desert Critter Friends (12) Juvenile Easy
Disney's Animal Kingdom (4) Juvenile Easy
Doctor Dolittle (12) Juvenile
Dr. KittyCat (10) Juvenile Easy
Enchantimals (3) Juvenile
Fairy Animals of Misty Wood (12) Juvenile Easy
Fingerlings (Readers) (3) Juvenile Easy
Five Flamingos (3) Juvenile Easy
Fizzopolis (3) Juvenile
Fog Mound (3) Juvenile
Forest Tales (4) Juvenile Easy
Foxwood Tales (5) Juvenile Easy
Freddy Adventure (25) Juvenile
Fuzzy Baseball (3) Juvenile
Georgie and Friends (2) Juvenile Easy
Going Places (4) Juvenile Easy
Green Forest Series (4) Juvenile
Green Meadow Series (4) Juvenile
Guardian Herd (4) Juvenile
Happy County (2) Juvenile Easy
Harold and Chester (5) Juvenile Easy
Harvey (4) Juvenile
I Dreamed I Was a... (6) Juvenile Easy
Jungle Book (Readers) (6) Juvenile Easy
Lighthouse Family (8) Juvenile
Little Geniuses (3) Juvenile Easy
Little Tails (6) Juvenile
Love (4) Juvenile
Lulu (McKay, Hilary) (6) Juvenile Easy
Magic Animal Friends (32) Juvenile Easy
Menagerie, The (3) Juvenile
Misfit Menagerie (2) Juvenile
Mr Dog (4) Juvenile
Mysteries on Zoo Lane (3) Juvenile Easy
Nocturnals, The (4) Juvenile
Park Pals Adventure (4) Juvenile
Paw Pals (6) Juvenile Easy
Pet Finders Club (12) Juvenile
Pet Hotel (4) Juvenile Easy
Pet Lovers Club (3) Juvenile
Pet Patrol (3) Juvenile
Pet Sitter (4) Juvenile Easy
Pets, Inc. (4) Juvenile
Petsitters Club (10) Juvenile Easy
Petsitters Club - Specials (2) Juvenile Easy
Pip Barlett (3) Juvenile
Playtime with Little Nye (4) Juvenile Easy
Possum Squat (5) Juvenile
Put Me in the Zoo (3) Juvenile Easy
Riverbank Stories (3) Juvenile
Simply Small (12) Juvenile Easy
Smiling Pool Series (4) Juvenile
Survival Tails (4) Juvenile
Tales from Schroon Lake (4) Juvenile Easy
Tales of Sasha (11) Juvenile
Teddycats (2) Juvenile
Thirteen Moons (13) Juvenile