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Juvenile Series and Sequels


Subject: African Americans

Alec London (5) Juvenile
Babygirl Drama (2) Young Adult
Bluford (20) Young Adult
Boyfriend Season (2) Young Adult
Bud, Not Buddy (2) Juvenile
Cap Central (6) Juvenile Easy
Carmen Browne (5) Juvenile
Charly's Epic Fiascos (4) Young Adult
Chicken Sunday (2) Juvenile Easy
Clubhouse Mysteries (6) Juvenile
Come Up, The (2) Young Adult
Crossover, The (2) Juvenile
Cruisers, The (4) Young Adult
Dactyl Hill Squad (3) Juvenile
Denim Diaries (6) Young Adult
Dragons in a Bag (2) Juvenile
Drama High (17) Young Adult
Dyamonde Daniel (4) Juvenile
Fab Life (6) Young Adult
Good Girlz, The (8) Young Adult
Heaven Trilogy (3) Young Adult
Hollywood High (5) Young Adult
Hotlanta (3) Young Adult
It Chicks (2) Young Adult
Juicy Central (10) Young Adult
Keena Ford (3) Juvenile
Kimani TRU (42) Young Adult
Love Like Sky (2) Juvenile
Marvelous World (2) Juvenile
Miami Jackson (3) Juvenile
Mo Jackson (6) Juvenile Easy
Moesha (6) Juvenile
Morgan Love (5) Juvenile
One Crazy Summer (3) Juvenile
Payton Skky (5) Young Adult
Princess Truly (Readers) (3) Juvenile Easy
Ruby and the Booker Boys (4) Juvenile Easy
Sassy (4) Juvenile
Seeds of America (3) Juvenile
So For Real Novels (4) Young Adult
Sunny Holiday (2) Juvenile
That's So Raven (18) Young Adult
Throwback Diaries (2) Young Adult
Track (4) Juvenile
Tristan Strong (2) Juvenile
Vanderbeekers, The (4) Juvenile
Yasmin Peace (5) Juvenile