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Juvenile Series and Sequels


Juvenile Series and Sequels service is being discontinued

Mid-Continent Public Library will no longer provide this service after October 2, 2023. For other potential resources, please read this blog post or consider If you are from another library and wish to explore providing this service, please contact Library Systems Manager Nathan Wittmaier at

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Disney Before the Story

# Book Title Author
Anna Finds a Friend Egan, Kate
Elsa's Icy Rescue Egan, Kate

My Little Pony (8 x 8 Books)

# Book Title Author
Fun at the Fair Egan, Kate
Pony Party Egan, Kate

Spider-Man 2

# Book Title Author
Hands Off, Doc Ock! Egan, Kate
Hurry Up, Spider-Man! Egan, Kate
Movie Storybook, The Egan, Kate

Spider-Man 3

# Book Title Author
Spider-Man 3: The Movie Storybook Egan, Kate

Amazing Spider-Man

# Book Title Author
1 Evil Comes in Pairs Egan, Kate

Magic Shop (Egan, Kate)

# Book Title Author
1 Vanishing Coin, The Egan, Kate
2 Incredible Twisting Arm, The Egan, Kate
3 Great Escape, The Egan, Kate
4 Disappearing Magician, The Egan, Kate


# Book Title Author
14 Worlds Apart Egan, Kate
15 Courage to Choose, The Egan, Kate
16 Path of Revenge Egan, Kate
17 Darkest Dream, The Egan, Kate
18 Keeping Hope Egan, Kate