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Juvenile Series and Sequels


Juvenile Series and Sequels service is being discontinued

Mid-Continent Public Library will no longer provide this service after October 2, 2023. For other potential resources, please read this blog post or consider If you are from another library and wish to explore providing this service, please contact Library Systems Manager Nathan Wittmaier at

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# Book Title Author
Caught in the Net Butcher, Nancy
Creepy Sleepaway (Camp at Your Own Risk 3) Butcher, Nancy
Daycamp Nightmare (Camp at Your Own Risk 1) Butcher, Nancy
Disaster on Wheels (Camp at Your Own Risk 2) Butcher, Nancy

Graduation Summer

# Book Title Author
2 Never Say Good-bye Butcher, Nancy

So Little Time

# Book Title Author
3 Too Good to Be True Butcher, Nancy
10 Girl's Guide to Guys, A Butcher, Nancy
12 Best Friends Forever Butcher, Nancy
16 Surf Holiday Butcher, Nancy

Wishbone Mysteries

# Book Title Author
11 Lights! Camera! Action Dog! Butcher, Nancy

Adventures of Wishbone

# Book Title Author
14 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Dog Butcher, Nancy

Two of a Kind/Two of a Kind Diaries

# Book Title Author
15 It's Snow Problem Butcher, Nancy
18 Two For the Road Butcher, Nancy
23 Island Girls Butcher, Nancy
24 Surf, Sand, and Secrets Butcher, Nancy