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Juvenile Series and Sequels


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If You Were a Kid

# Book Title Author
If You Were a Kid During the American Revolution Mara, Wil
If You Were a Kid During the Civil War Mara, Wil
If You Were a Kid in the Thirteen Colonies Mara, Wil

Izzy Jeen the Big Mouth Queen

# Book Title Author
No One Closes My Park and Gets Away With It Mara, Wil
What Happened to My Favorite Flavor?! Mara, Wil
Whoever Stole My Bike is Gonna Get It Mara, Wil

Logan Lewis, Kid from Planet 27

# Book Title Author
1 Creepy Old House, The Mara, Wil
2 Girl Who Knows Everything, The Mara, Wil
3 Meanest Boy Around, The Mara, Wil


# Book Title Author
1 Videomaniac, The Mara, Wil
2 House of a Million Rooms Mara, Wil
3 Time Trap, The Mara, Wil
4 Where Did My Family Go? Mara, Wil
5 Girl Who Grew Nasty Things, The Mara, Wil