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Movie Release Year: 1983


Movie Book
Among the Cinders (1983) Among the Cinders / Shadbolt, Maurice
Anna to the Infinite Power (1983) Anna to the Infinite Power / Ames, Mildred
Betrayal (1983) Betrayal (play) / Pinter, Harold
Black Stallion Returns, The (1983) Black Stallion Returns, The / Farley, Walter
Careful, He Might Hear You (1983) Careful, He Might Hear You / Elliott, Sumner Locke
Christine (1983) Christine / King, Stephen
Christmas Story, A (1983) In God We Trust, All Others Pay Cash / Shepherd, Jean
Cross Country (1983) Cross-Country / Kastle, Herbert D.
Cross Creek (1983) Cross Creek / Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan
Cujo (1983) Cujo / King, Stephen
Dance of the Dwarfs (1983) Dance of the Dwarfs / Household, Geoffrey
Dead Zone (1983) Dead Zone / King, Stephen
Dresser, The (1983) Dresser, The (play) / Harwood, Ronald
Eddie and the Cruisers (1983) Eddie and the Cruisers / Kluge, P. F.
Eddie Macon's Run (1983) Eddie Macon's Run / McLendon, James
Educating Rita (1983) Educating Rita (play) / Russell, Willy
Eureka (1983) Who Killed Sir Harry Oakes? / Houts, Marshall
Fanny Hill (1983) Fanny Hill: Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure / Cleland, John
Golden Seal, The (1983) River Ran Out of Eden, A / Marshall, James Vance
Gorky Park (1983) Gorky Park / Smith, Martin Cruz
High Road to China (1983) High Road to China / Cleary, Jon
Honorary Consul (1983) Honorary Consul / Greene, Graham
Hunger, The (1983) Hunger, The / Strieber, Whitley
I Am the Cheese (1983) I Am the Cheese / Cormier, Robert
Jigsaw Man, The (1983) Jigsaw Man, The / Bennett, Dorothea
Jimmy the Kid (1983) Jimmy the Kid / Westlake, Donald E.
Keep, The (1983) Keep, The / Wilson, F. Paul
Lonely Lady, The (1983) Lonely Lady, The / Robbins, Harold
Lords of Discipline (1983) Lords of Discipline / Conroy, Pat
Man, Woman and Child (1983) Man, Woman and Child / Segal, Erich
Marvin and Tige (1983) Marvin and Tige / Glass, Frankcina
Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence (1983) Seed and the Sower, The / Van Post, Laurens
Never Cry Wolf (1983) Never Cry Wolf / Mowat, Farley
Never Say Never Again (1983) Thunderball / Fleming, Ian
Now and Forever (1983) Now and Forever / Steel, Danielle
Octopussy (1983) Octopussy (short story) / Fleming, Ian
Of Unknown Origin (1983) Of Unknown Origin / Parker, Chauncey G.
Osterman Weekend, The (1983) Osterman Weekend, The / Ludlum, Robert
Outsiders, The (1983) Outsiders, The / Hinton, S. E.
Reuben, Reuben (1983) Reuben, Reuben / De Vries, Peter
Right Stuff, The (1983) Right Stuff, The / Wolfe, Tom
Rumble Fish (1983) Rumble Fish / Hinton, S. E.
Scarface (1983) Scarface / Trail, Armitage
Slayground (1983) Slayground / Westlake, Donald E.
Something Wicked This Way Comes (1983) Something Wicked This Way Comes / Bradbury, Ray
Spasms (1983) Deathbite / Maryk, Michael
Stroker Ace (1983) Stand On It / Ace, Stroker
Terms of Endearment (1983) Terms of Endearment / McMurtry, Larry
Wicked Lady, The (1983) Wicked Lady, The / King-Hall, Magdalen
Without a Trace (1983) Still Missing / Gutcheon, Beth Richardson
Woman in the Room, The (1983) Woman in the Room, The (short story) / King, Stephen