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Movie Release Year: 1980


Movie Book
Agency (1980) Agency / Gottlieb, Paul
Altered States (1980) Altered States / Chayefsky, Paddy
Awakening, The (1980) Jewel of Seven Stars, The / Stoker, Bram
Below the Belt (1980) To Smithereens / Drexler, Rosalyn
Black Marble, The (1980) Black Marble, The / Wambaugh, Joseph
Blue Lagoon, The (1980) Blue Lagoon, The / Stacpoole, Henry De Vere
Breaker Morant (1980) Breaker, The / Denton, Kit
Brubaker (1980) Accomplices to the Crime: The Arkansas Prison Scandal / Murton, Thomas O.
Coal Miner's Daughter (1980) Loretta Lynn: Coal Miner's Daughter / Lynn, Loretta
Cruising (1980) Cruising / Walker, Gerald
Dogs of War, The (1980) Dogs of War, The / Forsyth, Frederick
Elephant Man, The (1980) Elephant Man, The: A Study in Human Dignity / Montagu, Ashley
Fabian (1980) Fabian: The Story of a Moralist / Kästner, Erich
First Deadly Sin (1980) First Deadly Sin / Sanders, Lawrence
Formula, The (1980) Formula, The / Shagan, Steve
Godsend, The (1980) Godsend, The / Taylor, Bernard
Hide in Plain Sight (1980) Hide in Plain Sight / Waller, Leslie
Hopscotch (1980) Hopscotch / Garfield, Brian
Howling, The (1980) Howling, The / Brandner, Gary
Human Factor, The (1980) Human Factor, The / Greene, Graham
Inside Moves (1980) Inside Moves / Walton, Todd
Island, The (1980) Island, The / Benchley, Peter
Joni (1980) Joni / Eareckson, Joni
Just Tell Me What You Want (1980) Just Tell Me What You Want / Allen, Jay Presson
Little Miss Marker (1980) Little Miss Marker / Runyon, Damon
Man with Bogart's Face, The (1980) Man with Bogart's Face, The / Fenady, Andrew J.
Mirror Crack'd, The (1980) Mirror Crack'd From Side to Side, The / Christie, Agatha
Monster Club, The (1980) Monster Club, The / Chetwynd-Hayes, R.
Mort en direct, La (1980) Continuous Katherine Mortenhoe, The / Compton, D. G.
Ninth Configuration, The (1980) Twinkle, Twinkle, Killer Kane / Blatty, William Peter
North Sea Hijack (1980) Esther, Ruth, and Jennifer / Davies, Jack
Ordinary People (1980) Ordinary People / Guest, Judith
Outsider, The (1980) Heritage of Michael Flaherty, The / Leinster, Colin
Raging Bull (1980) Raging Bull: My Story / La Motta, Jake
Raise the Titanic (1980) Raise the Titanic / Cussler, Clive
Rough Cut (1980) Touch the Lion's Paw / Lambert, Derek
Sea Wolves, The (1980) Sea Wolves, The / Leasor, James
Serial (1980) Serial: A Year in the Life of Marin County / McFadden, Cyra
Shining, The (1980) Shining, The / King, Stephen
Somewhere In Time (1980) Bid Time Return / Matheson, Richard
Stunt Man, The (1980) Stunt Man, The / Brodeur, Paul
Urban Cowboy (1980) Urban Cowboy, The / Latham, Aaron
Watcher in the Woods, The (1980) Watcher in the Woods, The / Randall, Florence Engel
When Time Ran Out (1980) Day the World Ended, The / Thomas, Gordon
Windwalker (1980) Windwalker / Yorgason, Blaine